What you should know about big data if you are an entrepreneur?

There is a concept highly important known as “Big Data” in the entrepreneurship world, but what is exactly big data? A big number in a report? Or maybe some facts about the area? Well, no to any of those questions! This term goes beyond that, and it’s an incredible tool to know more about the […]

What No One Tells You About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a word that is pretty common nowadays, but talking about it will never be the same as putting it in practice. Today we show some dark truths about entrepreneurship not to discourage you, but to give a real perspective. Keep reading! Read: Telemedicine: A Business that Will Grow After the Pandemic Why is […]

How to Choose the Name of Your Company or Brand

One of the most difficult parts starting a business is deciding a name for the brand; this will give identity and secure a position for the business. But putting a name to the brand can present many challenges, you can feel a lack of creativity, with doubts about the name. Today, at 786 Magazine, we […]

What is Business Leadership and Why it is Important?

Managing a business requires organization, control, and direction, but especially it will require leadership. Business leadership is the quality that the person in charge of the company held, which allows them to influence in making decisions and the general behavior of the organization.  Business leadership combines three important skills: persona, technical, and social. Developing those […]