When we talk about social media, there are specific issues that we must take into account. Beyond content, there is an essential goal in every digital marketing strategy: generating engagement.

But how do they achieve this, and how can they improve it? If you have these types of doubts, then you are in luck. Today we will clarify what it means to create engagement and what it takes to increase it in your social networks. You just have to follow some simple tips.

What exactly is engagement?

It is how users demonstrate the connection they have with brands through social media reactions. It is all the comments, likes, mentions, direct messages, and other things that make up the engagement. Now, to increase these types of interactions you should:

Post valuable content

This is the most important advice we can give you. Define the type of content you want to share, the public you want to direct it to, and what you want to achieve with it. Quality content will always help you increase the number of followers you have.

Listen to your users

If you listen to what your fans want to tell you, your relationship with them will grow stronger. Your customers are a key piece in the advertising of your brand, and showing empathy will increase their engagement with your accounts.

You must also be aware of what is said about you online. For this, we recommend a tool that will help you monitor this: Hootsuite. With this app, you can search for keywords and keep track of everything you want.

Be creative with your posts

Publications that create impact within social networks are essential to generate more engagement than your competitors. These posts may be:

These types of publications generally produce 30% more engagement than other content. So, don’t hesitate to include them in your daily posts.

Become a friend of Facebook Ads

This a very helpful tool that has been growing in recent times. With Facebook Ads, you can try different advertising strategies on one of the best-known platforms worldwide.

With a little investment, you can increase your engagement significantly. This tool has the potential to reach a lot of people and can also help you with the SEO positioning of your brand.

Avoid posts that are too long

Posts that are less than 80 characters are more effective to attract the attention of social media users, whether they use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other networks.

People don’t like to read extremely long texts because they spend a limited time on these platforms. This is why they prefer more dynamic, practical, and visually pleasing content. Therefore, try to go for images, videos, and brief texts that are attractive to consumers.

Using all the necessary tools to increase engagement is the best decision you can make. Put these wonderful tips into practice, and you will notice immediate results.


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