How Does Creativity Work in Advertising?

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Mercadeo Magazine Julio 2024

Advertising creatives are responsible for the overall look of an advertisement, which may appear on the Internet, television, magazines or billboards. They must think up new and creative ideas for different types of advertising, or they may also in just one area, for example, advertising on social networking sites.

Techniques for developing creativity

  • Develop your lateral thinking: don’t just consider the most logical solution, find a new one and experiment.

  • Let the ideas flow: don’t force it, the right solution will come out, the one our brain has already catalogued.

  • Look for new activities and places, the result will be new perspectives on things.

  • Focus: people who have difficulty concentrating score better on creative tests. Moving away from what we are doing can give us a different view.

  • Meditate: it will increase your attention and focus.

  • Relax and stay away from noise.

  • Don’t be afraid to be creative: don’t put off creative tasks, those in which we have to find a solution.

  • Look for an environment that is soothing to you: choose your music, a film that inspires you, a solitary or quiet environment, a drink…

  • Draw it: the brain absorbs everything that comes in through the eyes,draw maps and graphics; a pencil can be a great friend.

If you consider that you have little creativity and you are an entrepreneur, think about hiring someone. Creativity can lead your company to find an advantageous difference or an unexplored customer niche.

Creativity and advertising.


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