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¿Necesitas ayuda con el manejo de tus redes sociales? ¿Necesitas generar contenido para tu página web? ¿Necesitas renovar tu sitio web o diseñarlo desde cero? ¿Necesitas montar una tienda en línea? ¿Necesitas crear una aplicación móvil para tu negocio? ¿Necesitas un diseñador gráfico? ¿Necesitas confeccionar uniformes para tus empleados? ¿Necesitas poner tu logo en material […]

Tips para promocionar tu marca durante el Mundial de Fútbol Catar 2022

Catar 2022

La Copa Mundial de Fútbol Catar 2022 es uno de los eventos deportivos más importantes que existen. La mayoría de los países del mundo participan en su fase de eliminatorias y los mejores llegan a la instancia definitiva, la cual es seguida por miles de millones de personas en todo el planeta. En este artículo, […]

Consejos para diseñar tu plan de redes sociales 2023

Redes Sociales 2023

Se acerca el final del año, así que ya es tiempo de ir pensando en la planificación de tu contenido y de tus estrategias de marketing para el próximo año. Por eso, preparamos este artículo con la información básica para que puedas diseñar con suficiente antelación tu plan de redes sociales 2023. Así que, si […]

Publicidad subliminal: verdades, mitos y ejemplos

Mitos y verdades de la publicidad subliminal

Hay bastantes tipos de publicidad, pero uno de los que más llaman la atención por el misterio que hay a su alrededor es la publicidad subliminal. A lo largo del tiempo, se han generado innumerables mitos y cuestionamientos éticos en torno a su práctica, así que, si quieres saber de una vez por todas qué […]

786 Marketing es tu mejor aliado en 2023: ¡trabajemos juntos!

Servicios de 786 Marketing

Las agencias de marketing cumplen con la labor de gestionar todo tipo de actividades en marketing para su cartera de clientes, la finalidad es clara, atraer a consumidores, dar a conocer la marca, ayudar a incrementar las ventas, fortalecer el branding y generar posicionamiento en el mercado. Existen millones de agencias de marketing, pero en […]

Anúnciate con un banner en Mercadeo Magazine

Publicidad en banner

Existe una amplia variedad de métodos para hacerle publicidad a tu marca o negocio en las plataformas digitales. Desde los modernos anuncios segmentados para un público específico en redes sociales, pasando por el marketing por e-mail enviado a tus listas de contactos, hasta uno de los más antiguos en internet, pero cuya efectividad sigue estando […]

Ventajas y desventajas del marketing de género

Desventajas del marketing de género

El marketing sigue evolucionando y adaptándose a los nuevos tiempos, a las temáticas y a las diferentes perspectivas, siempre con el fin de conectar con los consumidores y generar un impacto notable en la sociedad. Es así como surge lo que llamamos marketing de género. En el siguiente artículo, desglosamos los aspectos más resaltantes del […]

Tendencias de diseño web 2023: ¡Actualiza tu página con nosotros!

Estilos de diseño web para 2023

Tu página web debe estar a la vanguardia de los nuevos tiempos con el fin de mantenerse fresca, moderna e innovadora. Para lograr esto, es necesario conocer cuáles son las tendencias de diseño web que vienen para el próximo año y, por supuesto, contar con el mejor equipo. ¿Cuáles son las tendencias de diseño web […]

How to create templates for your social media posts?

Template is a word that we constantly find pretty much everywhere, but what does it mean? And it truly can help us with social media posts? Well, today’s article is exactly about templates for social media. Besides, any kind of template is very useful for many aspects if you work closely with digital programs. Still, […]

Twitter Blue: The Paid Service With Special Functions

Twitter is a unique social media platform designed as a space where users can voice out their inner thoughts. Still, one of the recurrent demands was the edit option for every tweet, and now the little bird has answered with Twitter Blue. Moreover, this new service goes beyond the edit option, offering new things from […]

How to create an ad on Facebook? Guide 2021

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. So if you want to reach a big target through ads, this is the perfect place for that. But those ads work precisely to show your product or service to the correct audience, among the 2.8 billion users always checking Facebook. This can be a […]

Meet Tubi: A growing streaming platform

Streaming platforms are here to stay. We pay and get used to them. But what about those platforms that offer content for free? Let us introduce to you Tubi, a relatively new streaming service totally free. When free is involved trusting in those websites is hard, but here is a different story. Check it out! […]

Link shorteners you need to know if you work in digital marketing

Link shorteners are one the best tools that have been created for the digital world. With just easy steps, any long URL (Uniform Resource Locator) link can be reduced to a few characters, which are the miracle of community managers, social media strategists, business owners, and even those teens with thousands of followers on TikTok. […]

SEO vs. SEM: How do they differ, and which one suits you best?

SEO and SEM are part of the marketing strategy known as Search Optimization. Still, even when both can relate and work perfectly together or any brand, both are quite different and present separate results. However, any brand should practice both tactics to increase several aspects and start to fulfill their goals. Check out more about […]

Achieve customer loyalty through inbound marketing

Obtaining customer loyalty should be one of the major goals for any company, even before promoting and offering their products or services to the public. Gaining this loyalty can mean many benefits not only on an economic level but also with the brand itself. That way, the company will get notoriety and recommendation from others, […]

Digital marketing will continue to grow: Here’s why

Digital marketing is definitely here to stay! While the human race is moving into more advanced technology eras, we will need tools to keep doing some ancient activities like selling goods and services to people, leading to earning money to sustain yourself or your family. This aging process is now taking into a more wide […]

Here is all 786 Group has to offer

Today we want to give you a small peek at what our mother company offers and how we work as a team. 786 Group is a company dedicated to many areas, with products and services around different teams and branches, but we are all connected one way or another. With this article, we hope that […]

Innovative apps that you should know: which one do you prefer?

When we started to use smartphones and other smart devices, the world and our lifestyle changed forever. Definitely thinking about this without bringing apps to the discussion is not normal. These applications make phones, tablets, laptops, T.V.s, and even watches different, each designed for specific operative systems and with its own features. But let’s dive […]

What every website should have in 2021

A website is definitely something that every business must have at some point in the project, but are you aware of all the details that a website should have to reach more audiences? This digital place will be like the business’ portfolio where you can show all that it offers and so much more. So […]

Ideas to renew the image of your Facebook account

Facebook is the most popular social media platform around the world and one of the oldest. Over the years, it has improved to make personalization an easy thing. However, not many users exploit the tools that they offer for it. Change your Facebook account with our advice and tips. This can be done for your […]