Celebrities who also succeed in business: Prepare to be amazed!

Celebrities are those people that appear on the big or small screen, or you can find them singing to the audience on a huge stage. But sadly, that won’t last forever, and if they are not smart, they can be in front of bankruptcy and forgotten by the media. So how to preserve their fortunes […]

Henry Ford: what we can learn from his success story

Henry Ford is considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs of American History. There is so much that we can learn from his story, not only about the company that nowadays is still one of the major players in the automobile field but also it’s about his personality traits as a man that can teach […]

Decisions That Can Change Your Life: When to Undertake to Succeed?

The business world can be complicated, is not necessary to say that competition is fierce. Success is not an easy thing to reach, it requires constant effort, full dedication, established goals and a strong will to face all the obstacles in the way, taking risky decisions. “Tough choices” are the hardest to make, and there […]