“The strategy is the tool that allows us to intervene in the future to adapt it to our needs and aspirations.” Jorge González Moore on ‘Vague ideas, clear feelings’ (2005).


The success of a good advertising campaign in social networks is mainly due to the effective combination of ideas and strategies; tools interlaced and executed accurately by the professional and charismatic members of a creative team. To set the objectives and implement plans, it is necessary to organize and develop a brief.


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Completion of a strategy requires 1% vision and 99% guidelines. Within that 99% is one of the most specific and important parameters for all actions of the strategic plan to be executed without any mishap; it is the brief, which will define the work to be done, the allocation of resources that will be counted on, and the means that will be used to reach, more efficiently and economically, the goal set.


The brief is made up of: the meetings or assemblies to coordinate the creative team’s efforts with the client’s needs, and the document that details the order of the tasks, objectives, and a schedule for the plan to be executed.


The assemblies or informative meetings serve to officially define the work to be carried out, as well as the tasks and work scheme for those involved in the process of advertising on social networks; without it, organizational chaos is a very real possibility. Knowing exactly where you want to go, can help you figure out how to get there. Most traditional digital marketing agencies follow some basic rules to organize ideas within a brief and personalize it with key elements of the brand they are working for.


A brief should contain:



Perfection does not exist, but a successful digital marketing campaign can be developed with the good management of the brief, which allows the realization of the objectives and tasks of the project.

The brief is the beginning of any digital marketing plan.


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