We have already started a new cycle. 2019 opens with a future full of amazing possibilities where everything can happen, and what was once considered “in” may or may not continue being relevant within global trends. In a world as vast as the one we are living in, some changes have already been planned, which we will start seeing in 2019. And the world of social networks will be the main scenario for you to learn about, enjoy, and participate in the new strategies that the world of digital marketing will bring.


In a dynamic and ever-changing industry such as technology, it is necessary, whenever possible, to go three steps ahead of the updates, tools, and innovations that can help within the strategies in digital marketing.


Let’s see the three main trends that will mark important milestones within the sales strategies and interactions with apps.

3 digital marketing trends for 2019

-Virtual reality: science fiction has anticipated for decades the possible inventions and tools that the «future» will bring for our enjoyment. Those visions of the future are already materializing in the present, and some of those bizarre, and seemingly fantastic inventions are already being applied in our daily lives. One of these inventions is virtual reality, which will become a trend in digital marketing next year, allowing us to:



-Chatbots: this can be considered as part of automated marketing. They allow to automatically simulate conversations with the clients from any country, location, and time zone, thus allowing better feedback between the brand and its customers. Several social networks such as Facebook are already implementing this tool in its instant messaging variant as a new strategy for customer service. It allows the companies to have a 24-hour dedication to the client every day, and so far the acceptance rate has been high.


-Artificial intelligence and voice search: voice searches have been implemented in different apps for many functions, such as the search for material, organization, and control of various aspects of our daily lives through virtual assistants. Now, the fascinating thing is that studies have shown that these technologies can transform the behavior of the user. That’s why, within the digital marketing trends for this 2019, consumers and followers increasingly use less time to type the information they need in the smartphone search, and voice search will allow a considerable increase in keywords searches. This will beneficial for a lot of companies if companies do the proper SEO preparations to compensate for these changes the Google search algorithm is now giving more priority to voice searches for their high level of detail, and it will be essential to promote this tool within the digital marketing strategies of your service or product.


There are 3 trends that you can implement within the strategies and practices of social networks and websites for your company this 2019. Now it’s your turn to decide which will be the first to use. Remember that the nature of your product or service plays an important role in the selection of services and tools for a new strategy.

learn marketing trends for 2019
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