If you are tired of eating the same thing every day, and preparing each dish the same way over and over, this next app will be your lifeline for new dishes and preparation techniques that will change your routine, all using only the ingredients you have at that moment in your pantry and fridge.


Nooddle is a mobile application that aims to help you in the kitchen in a simple way, and without the many complications that the vast majority of cooking applications and recipe books have. With only what you have in your kitchen, it can be possible to get new dishes that you have never tasted before, delicious and exotic, without looking for new ingredients, spices and complicated preparation techniques. Nooddle focuses on foods that are often ignored, and allows them to play a leading role with a complete new paradigm in the way of preparing food.

What does Nooddle mean?

If we look for the concept in any digital or physical dictionary this is the definition of Noodle:

n.Asian pasta that is combined with the ingredients you have on hand.

v.i. Improvise, experiment or think creatively.

n. Brain or head: Use your nooddle!


The Nooddle app is “Improvisation. Experimentation. Cooking.” An application that helps find a delicious solution, simple, and with few ingredients. Just enter one ingredient and then another and you get a list of proposals of what you can cook together. For example, if you put lentils and bacon in the app, recipes such as lentil burgers, cream and bacon lentils, rice with lentils, lentils and bacon lasagna, and other similar ones will appear.


For anyone that has very little time available to cook or think about what to eat, this application will fit like a glove. It provides you with creative, innovative recipes where you not only feed yourself, but open the possibility to new dishes and flavors that you did not know you could prepare with those ingredients that are in your pantry or refrigerator.


Advantages of this application:


– It is available in web and mobile format: you can have this tool within reach of your fingers through your phone, with a clear interface that makes it easy to get new recipes. The system updates the menu lists and recipes with which you can interact. You also have the option to use it in web format to enter the ingredients you have at home and see the list of recipes you can make. The search mode of this application is precise, with a minimalist design that allows you to look for options with the amount of ingredients you have and the style of diet you are making, such as: vegan, keto, fitness, paleo, and even detox. It also filters the range of searches with mentions of allergens (gluten, seafood, nuts, lactose) and the opinions of users.


Each user of this platform can rate the recipes and leave comments to help future participants and not make your mistakes. Nooddle so far has 1,500 recipes, and continues to grow and innovate.


– Recipes under the supervision of professionals: each recipe that is present within the application is passed first through the hands of culinary experts, and for final approval a group of nutritionists reviews them and greelingths their publication in the application. Also, these food professionals give us advice on how to introduce healthy living habits and improve our skill in the kitchen.


And something more important: you will stop wasting the food.


If your time isn’t enough to buy more groceries and you only can feed yourself with what you have in the kitchen, Nooddle is the ideal app for new, healthy, different dishes with few ingredients. An elegant solution for every person of the 21st century. Nooddle is freely available on Google Play and the App Store, as well as in web forms.


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Eat healthy and delicious with the help of Nooddle.


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