There has been an endless competition between two of the most recognized brands in the photographic world. We are talking about Canon and Nikon, two companies that since their respective inceptions are synonymous with quality, sharpness, and image, all of which has made them references for anyone interested in photography. These titans have shown their willingness to offer photographers a competitive product combining excellent design, the best price and the highest quality.


You might be wondering which of the many models that exist in the market should you buy to start venturing into the world of photography. Obviously, if you ask a person who already prefers Canon their answer will be that of course Canon is better; and if you ask someone who prefers Nikon it will be the same, but the other way around. So how to choose?

Which one to buy?

None is really better than the other, by definition each of their models have the physical and internal characteristics that will best suit your style and the artistic flair of your choice.

Whether Canon or Nikon, your camera will be the one to initiate you in photography and cultivate your love for it; or on the contrary, it may cause you to hate and dislike it, and it will be forgotten at the back of the closet gathering dust. And we don’t want that to happen.

Which is the best?

The first thing you need to know is that both are great brands, but that doesn’t mean that their products automatically take excellent photographs, since they are only instruments, and the quality of each picture is more directly dependant of the skill and knowledge of the photographer. If you combine this with a device that possesses the functions and characteristics that fit best with your personal style, we assure you that you will capture all the perfect instants you want in a pic. Your best tools with be creativity and intimate knowledge of your own camera. And the best way to learn how to use it? It is beginning by learning how to choose one.

My first photographic camera should have:


Some of these brands’ models have the characteristics that can be combined with accessories or older equipment; Canon cameras work with their EOS range since 1987, and Nikon with the F frames of their lenses since 1959, for example. This means that we can use old lenses in our new cameras. So if you have some accessories or equipment of these brands that you have inherited from your parents or grandparents, they can be a plus that you can use as they’re still compatible. That’s a factor to consider if we have old cameras at home.


Quality of the image:

In this case, you also have to look at the specifications of each camera. Both are great brands, with a long history, and both have earned their place at the top for their image quality. For this reason, depending on your final objective with this camera, it is not bad to check what the final format of the photo will be if it is RAW or if it is not in JPEG, so pay attention to this detail.


Easy use and navigation through menus

Important point when you start to venture into the world of photography is to know all the elements, aspects and photographic concepts, so we recommend you look for a user-friendly camera with an easy-to-navigate menu that facilitates the change of the three basic parameters of photography: diaphragm, speed, and ISO. Remember that you will not always have the manual with you, and if you are learning, you shouldn’t go for a menu and complex elements of light balances, sharpness, focus, capture, and other concepts. In this case, the Nikon initiation models usually have a more manageable disposition, and also offer us a help button that can come in handy in certain situations.



An often forgotten point, but when we have bought the device and we start using it, we notice the discomfort of weight, grip and other external characteristics that sometimes are not perfect fits for our bodies. Therefore, it is important that we fit well to them, we feel comfortable and have good access to the buttons to easily change parameters and manipulate the features of the equipment.

So in addition to considering the specifications of the camera, if you have the opportunity to try the model you with the help of a friend or in a store, take the opportunity and feel the camera in your hands. It may be the factor that helps you decide which of the models you are going to choose.


Video options

If you want to record video with your new product, this is another point you should pay attention to. Observe the recording quality you can choose, the number of frames you can record, the options offered by the model to manage the video mode, if it has auto focus, micro input, etc.

In this regard, Canon cameras have a point in favor for their higher quality video. To have better criteria for your choice in this field, we recommend that you watch YouTube reviews about the video and quality options that the different Canon and Nikon options have to offer.


Equipment expansion

If you are really decided to venture into photography as a profession or passion, it’s best to opt for a camera that allows you to expand your accessories and other photographic artifacts, which is another point to assess.


In this sense, thanks to their long histories, both Canon and Nikon have many possibilities to choose from. A point in favor of Canon is that it allows you to use Nikon brand lenses with adapters and this aspect is something that doesn’t happen the other way around. And this is not only for the lenses, but also with other types of accessories such as flashes, remote triggers, etc.


Second-hand market

With any of these two options you will have available the range of possibilities to find a lens at a good price for the camera, since these brands have a larger clientele and durability than the one of the competition.

8 items to consider to choose the ideal device to start in this world. Remember that not everything depends on the machine with which we make the photos, but on the knowledge we have about this art. Be true to your style, not to a brand. And do not forget that, even with these two titans at the top, there are other companies that may have better specifications that can fit your goals. Don’t forget that, whether you have Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, Fuji, Olympus, Samsung or anything else, the important thing is to enjoy photography.

do you prefer Canon or Nikon?
They both have incredible qualities, which one is the best choice?


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