For a company to carry out a marketing campaign, it is necessary to invest in it; these campaigns may have different goals. However, for all can be done, money and effort are required, and for this reason, as with any other investment, it is expected to make profits. ROI (return on investment) is the economic retribution obtained thanks to the investment previously made and the effort implemented to achieve it.

ROI is crucial for your investments

The ROI is what shows us the profitability that has had an investment of any kind. Once it is done, decisions will be made. This decisions will depend on the results: if there is a positive result and the investment has been worth it, usually there are not major changes in the investment strategies, beyond the correction of small details; however, if the results are negative and no money has been earned, or the established goals have not been reached, the company will have the possibility to analyze the reasons why the ROI was not the expected and improve strategies.

Regardless of the magnitude of a marketing campaign, each of them requires a carefully structured plan that will be carried out. This project should consider ways to facilitate the analysis results of the investment, both the profits obtained and the losses should be reflected as accurately as possible in order to obtain a clear ROI and thus be able to make competent decisions in the company’s favor.

If you do not have an accurate ROI or give little importance to it, it’s not possible to draw conclusions that can be actually beneficial for the organization’s future, fix mistakes made in a marketing campaign would be a more complicated task, therefore, the goals set in the next campaigns, would be more inaccurate than they should be, making reaching them more difficult.

The utility of this tool is quite clear then, and its importance is easily understandable; however, take advantage of it in a good way is not so easy because each company has different marketing strategies that are better suited to the main objective of their campaigns, plus, each campaign is different, for this reason it is necessary to determine which elements are the most relevant for the measurement to be carried out once a campaign is finished.

In most cases, simply by analyzing it, can be deduced if a project is being successful or not. It is known that, sometimes, the numbers speak for themselves, and although an investment to carry out a marketing campaign should not be considered a failure just for not getting exuberant profits, companies can always do better, especially when they have a tangible and quantified basis that can serve as support for future strategies.

ROI will let you know the return ratio of your investment. The larger it is, the more profitable our campaigns will be, and the possibility of more successful campaigns in the future will increase.

know the ROI
The ROI can be the key to have success in your investment.


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