Bullet Journal Apps: Your Work in Your Hand!

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Mercadeo Magazine Julio 2024

We all love to keep things organized, that’s the reason why bullet journals are so popular at this age. Having a to-do list is a very practical idea to make a plan, and even though bullet journals are not exactly a new tendency, nowadays, people are using them more than ever. And no wonder why: constantly writing on paper is simply not for everyone, but that’s not necessary now since there are different bullet journal smartphones apps, which means you can carry your bullet journal with you everywhere you go, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

Top 3 bullet journal apps

We have gathered the best bullet journal apps, and though this list is focused on apps that can help people who work from home to keep their work organized, the truth is that these can be extremely useful for everybody.

3) Trello

Trello is an app focused on being a productivity tool for business, but it can work as a bullet journal, especially if you tend to create to-do lists. This app allows users to create digital boards, which can perfectly work as bullet journal pages without a problem, and it can definitely be helpful for all freelancers who need to keep things organized.

With more than 5,000,000 downloads and 4,5 stars on the play store, Trello is one of the most recommendable bullet journals apps out there.

Download: Trello

2) Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app that can be easily used as a bullet journal. It has a good-looking interface and is pretty simple to use; you can add the typical notes or go beyond that and make the best out of the app by using its other functions. Evernote allows up to 60 MB of uploads a month and has a sync option that you can use to sync up two devices, which comes handy for people who tend to keep their work in more than one device.

Question: is Evernote a great app? Well, the numbers speak for themselves: 100,000,000 installs and 4,5 stars in the play store. Not bad at all.

Download: Evernote

1) Microsoft OneNote

Here’s a popular one: OneNote. Have you ever heard about Microsoft? Dumb question, right? Microsoft is one of the biggest companies because they know how to provide quality services, and this app is proof of that. It works great as an individual note taker and as a place to save a lot of different kind of content (images, notes, documents, videos). This app can be used as a bullet journal for personal or professionals means.

If you thought 100,000,000 installs was a lot, get this: Microsoft OneNote has over 500,000,000 installs since its release, as well as 4,4 stars in the Play Store. A great app from a great company.

Download: OneNote

If you need a bullet journal app, these are some of the best options you’ve got. Keep your work organized on your devices, make to-do lists, or just use them for personal means, is your choice! The fact is that you will love them.

Use bullet journal apps
These bullet journal apps can become your best friends!


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