Huawei is considered the second largest smartphone company in the world; only Samsung is their biggest rival. Producing new products every year, and the 5G network just around the corner outside Asia, it was becoming the best in the market, just look at their new models! But the U.S. government put a stop banning them from making business with American companies like Google.

This banning carries lots of implication not just for the Chinese company, but also for their tech providers like Intel, and of course for Google that was making a close business relationship with them providing Android as the operating system for their smartphones. But the banning can go beyond the business world, it can show a decrease in the technological marker and a set down to the 5G network.

Is it the end of Huawei?

Actually, China has been banning American companies for many years, so Huawei works in the country with some changes. Android is still the operating system but in that country, apps like Youtube, Gmail and Facebook are blocked; for this reason, the company offers Chinese apps like Weibo and WeChat. In other Asian countries, Google is not the top app supplier, that can help Huawei to continue as one of the best.

But for the rest of the world, it looks like a tough road for them. In Europe, many people were changing to Huawei thanks to the new innovation in their smartphones. Now with Google complying to the order, it looks difficult to catch new clients. However, according to the company itself, they are developing their own operating system in case something like this could happen.

So, it appears that the firm was taking some countermeasures, especially after some scandals that are putting its image into a black hole. And this can be their ultimate opportunity to grow and start producing their own components not just with systems, but also in the manufacturing process. If Huawei can pull off new innovations and ride the changing wave, we can find a company that can dominate the world and takes the spotlight with the 5G network.

Existing Huawei products

According to the firm and Google, the existing clients will not have to worry that much, because both companies will provide services, but the updates for the system and apps are still in discussion. With their tablets and computers, Microsoft, that supplies them with the Windows system, haven’t made a statement yet; but it does not look like a good omen.

The company wants their clients to believe in them because they really want to improve and show new things in the years to come, and it can be very snob from us to deny that their smartphone is amazing. However, because of the importance of Google in the field, it still early to see what will be the future of the company.

And obviously, Samsung is taking the step leading the change to the 5G network, and offering new products every year to delight fans and clients around the globe. Just we need to wait and see how this develop, and what surprises Huawei and the U.S. government show in the weeks to come.

Huawei and Google
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