The French clothing brand Lacoste has surprised everybody starting a partnership of 3 years with IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) in 2018. The brand is well known for its logo that represents a crocodile, and it is very characteristic on the polo shirts. With this partnership, Lacoste is changing the traditional logo for an endangered animal across the world, with a strong marketing campaign. Keep reading to find more!

How everything started

This a collaboration between Lacoste, IUCN and the French agency BETC to raise awareness, on the condition of these endangered animals around the world. According to BETC executive creative director Antoine Choque, this was a huge step from Lacoste side, because it implied changing the famous logo, that has been part of the fashion industry for more than 85 years.

Many people can recognize the crocodile logo in every polo shirt, but to create a line with the new one following the same image, it was a bold move to become a more nature-friendly brand. But they didn’t stop there: it is a limited edition because the total number of shirts is an estimation of the number of these species in the wild. That is to create an awareness that these beautiful species can disappear if we don’t do something.

The work behind the campaign

The name for this is Lacoste Save Our Species, and you can find it on the social networks with the hashtag. The first edition was presented on the 2018 Paris Fashion Week, on the show Lacoste brought the white and new polo shirts with the logo from 10 species:

This first line only contained 1,775 shirts, that represent the estimated number of all the species existing in the wild combine. For example, the ones with the Sumatran tiger logo were only 350 a number that must worry everybody. The line was sold out within days, collecting an amount of $328,275 for conservation projects carried out by IUCN.

Taking it to the next level

With the success of the first edition, Lacoste and IUCN started the second edition, showing new logos with more species. The 2019 edition brings these endangered animals:

Lacoste is putting all their efforts to help nature through this way, and as a firm, you must understand that it is not an easy thing to change the production process and an iconic logo, but it is a huge step in helping the conservation of the wild animals. So far the campaign has been a huge success, right now all the online available polo shirts are sold out, but if you want to donate more for the different conservation projects around the world, check Lacoste website.

Helping to save these endangered species is just a first step to change the way humans treated nature. All this mess is our fault, and it is a full job for new generations to take the lead and protect animals and environments. Lacoste is fully committed to this, showing a new side for brands and businesses. If we defend, conserve and teach everybody how to treat nature, we are saving ourselves because if we completely extinguished nature, it will be us the next ones to become an endangered species. What are you doing to change that?

Is it the best marketing strategy ever?

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