Our real life is starting to look like a scene from The Jetsons, because who doesn’t remember their phone calls through a TV screen. However, even when those new digital improvements are making our life easier, they are also making us neglecting our real life and the persons inside them. We are becoming addicted to technology, moreover when you can have the characteristics from different devices into one little screen.

The new smartphones are proving that they can give tons of tools, apps, and entertainment with one single gadget, but that is also proving to be dangerous because we are secluding ourselves inside the digital world, and aren’t realizing the wonderful things that a simple conversation with family and friends can bring. Finding a balance between the digital world and your real life is not that difficult, but it will depend only in your will and strength.

Digital life vs. real life


Finding a balance between these two can be hard for many reasons; from work to enjoyment, the digital world has taken control over us. This is highly notorious in the new generations: those born from 1995 to 2005 have grown up closer to any type of device and know everything about the new improvements; actually, they are very informed about them.

However, a big part of the older generations has learned how to use digital tools and are very engaged to them. But, for them it is easier to find the perfect balance, because their childhood was one where only TV and radio were the digital improvements of their time. Nowadays, it’s difficult not to walk a street and realized that many people are using their gadgets: reading the newspaper or a book, listen to music, watching a movie or show, and making a video call is quite easy, and all these connecting to an internet network.

But, when you are starting to neglect real life, prioritizing the other one, you are in big trouble because it’s becoming an addiction and like any other requires professional treatment. Besides all of this, digital dependency is creating troubles especially with the persons closer to us: from family to your romantic partner, this world has become an obstacle for many.

Digital health

Yes, there is something called “digital health” or wellness. This can help to find the perfect balance between these two aspects of our lives. Because, let’s be honest, technology will always be there making our lives easier and helping in important fields like engineering and medicine.

But having a digital addiction will depend totally on you, it doesn’t matter what type of gadget you are using, from smartphones to video games consoles, if you let them control your life, you need to seek professional help. Right now, the addiction to video games is considered a mental disorder, according to the World Health Organization, so having the strength to cut the digital intake every day.

Here is where the digital health comes to action, if you fully understand the damage that this addiction can cause and how to create good use of all your devices every day, you are making a good control over your life. Of course, give the same amount of attention to your real life: go out with friends and family, start planning your next vacation, or simply block any connection for a day and have a great time with your loved ones.

The balance between these worlds is not that hard to find, be careful with how you use the different devices and the time that you spend on them; that way, you will understand when the balance is not working anymore. Remember, technology is there to help you and make things easier for you, not to control every aspect of your life.

digital life
Take care of your health, and keep giving the best of yourself!

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