June is finishing, and with it, we say goodbye to the Pride Month where the LGBTQI+ community expresses how happy they are of being true to themselves. This month has become that time of the year where love is love no matter how you show it, and brands have taken that opportunity to presents their products representing the pride movement, helping the different organization around the world that support a better world. 

All these campaigns are easily placed in the inclusive marketing category, but it goes beyond that because the main goal is to make society understands that they are people and just for that they deserve respect, and moreover we need to learn to be tolerant. Many big brands are presenting lines and specific products with the main symbol of the LGBTQI+ community, the rainbow flag, check more about these campaigns, and the brand behinds them!

Brands showing the Pride Month


With this month, the sports brand launched the campaign “Love Unites,” which collects different outfits expressing the colors of the LGBTQI+ community. That way, you can look sporty while supporting the movement. Besides this, Adidas made a donation of more than $250k to The Trevor Project, a world organization to prevent suicide, that works closely with the community. Adidas wants to bring the sport to a more open inclusion for everybody, and their campaigns are proving that. 

Photo Credit: Adidas


There are few companies with a CEO openly gay; Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has tweeted about the Pride Month. However, even when Tim is part of the community, the company has never been fully open about creating a campaign around this period. But they always present a limited edition rainbow straps for the Apple Watch, this year the Pride Edition Sport Loop is available to show your support and love. 

Photo Credit: Apple


The iconic shoe brand is presenting a new line, not only of shoes but tops, hats, and bags are also representing the Pride Month. The shoes are coming with eight limited editions, and for the first time, they are presenting merchandise that represents one group of the community. The transgender colors pink, blue and white are the stars in this new pair of Chucks. The proceeds will be donating to local partners supporting the LGBTQI+ community like It Gets Better Project.

Photo Credit: Converse


Social networks are highly important to share the message that the community wants to give to society. For that reason, the main networks show some new features during this time. Instagram is not the exception, with hashtags like #UntoldPride they want to highlight the history and empower the community through their users. It is also partnered with The Trevor Project to create a guide of online well-being and self-care, besides showing a change in the options of the profile set up, to allow a more inclusive aspect with ‘Prefer not to say’ and a ‘Custom’ option.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Bud Light

This brand supports the LGBTQI+ community since the ‘80s, and for this month they are changing their iconic blue aluminum bottle for one with the touch of the fierce colors. The bottle is being distributed across the country, and for everyone that is sold, Bud Light will donate $1 to GLAAD (the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). For them, their product is for everybody no matter their personality, enjoying a good drink with family and friends is important, but more to be openly pride of who you are. 


This clothing brand presented an interesting campaign, not that colorful as the community is used to, but with a strong message to show your support without looking like a living rainbow flag. They also prepare a series of videos showing the LGBTI+ advocate Jodie Patterson with her chosen family and friends, all of them part of the community or supporters of it. 15% of the sales will go to the United Nations Free & Equal campaign.


Yes, Mickey Mouse and his friends are supporting the community. It was a total shock when they started to show couples of the same gender and their families through their shows and movies, but they never back down; actually, they are very proud to support them. For this month, they released a line of clothing and accessories showing the rainbow and of course Mickey. 10% of the sales will go to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) an organization in charge of creating safe and LGBTQI+ inclusive K-12 schools.


The furniture retailer is changing its iconic shopping bag with a limited edition featuring the rainbow colors. This bag is known as the KVANTING bag and is pretty famous among the lovers of the shop. This item represents the partnership between IKEA and the Human Rights Campaign, and all the proceeds will go to the educational programs for LGBTQI+ youth and families. For IKEA, equality is the base for a better environment and world. 

These are just a small fraction of the tons of companies around the world that are showing their support to the LGTBQI+ community. Many important accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are changing their profile pics to show the rainbow flag to honor them. Tolerance, equality, and respect are necessary to live in a better world and society, so what are your thoughts about this movement?

brands on the pride month
Brands around the world are joining to the celebration of Pride Month using the rainbow color on their products.

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