‘Keywords’ is a term intrinsically connected to digital marketing because those words are the heart of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With one or two keywords, you can define your entire website or blog article. Learn more about keywords and their importance in today’s article.

Importance of keywords


If you can summarize the entire content of your website or blog in one or two words, those will be the keywords that will give you a good position on the search engines. But why are they important? Easy, they are the connection between what the users are looking for and the online content. 

With so much digital content, finding exactly what you need can be extremely difficult, but with a few words, the search engines work their magic, and you have tons of websites, blogs, and articles about it. For example, if you look for a muffin recipe, you will type those words and the engine will show all the websites about muffins, but the first ones to appear will be the ones with good use of those keywords. 

A great way to find the best keywords for your content is to understand what the visitors want to read or are looking for. After that, check out what the catchphrases are or the ones that will define that content. Knowing your audience will always be the first step in having the best content and the perfect keywords. 

Choosing the best keywords

Choosing one or two that define your brand will not be enough. There needs to be permanent investigation and observation, and the words can change even several times per day; this will depend on the brand itself and how the content is shown to the audience. 

Besides, you must remember that your brand is not the only one aiming to succeed, for example: if your business is a clothing boutique, using ‘clothes’ as the keyword is not a great idea because is a common word and there are tons of other brands using it. One great recommendation from us is to use a tool that will help you understand and know the keywords that are important right now. Try Google’s Keyword Planner and start your plan. 

Of course, there are other ways to choose keywords. Instincts are also important since it is your business, so you know it best. Ask your team which words they associate with the brand and how they describe it; these can give you important clues about the keywords. 

Uses of keywords

The best way to use them is to make them appear in the URL, page title tags, page headings, image alt tags and meta description of each article, and sparingly throughout the content, particularly in the first paragraph; this will give importance to the content and keywords. But try to avoid saturation, they should appear naturally in the article for better reading. 

The main search engine used in the world is Google in all its versions, but other engines like Bing! and Yahoo should not be neglected, so try to pair keywords to their own methods of sorting through all the content online. Google Analytics is an amazing tool for monitoring keywords searches and how the SEO is working on your website or blog.  

keywords on digital marketing
Keywords can become your best friends for marketing strategies.

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