Although many people do not realize this, marketing and graphic design can be an incredible combination capable of getting different benefits and achieving a lot of set goals, in the best way. All those interested in how marketing world works, know that even the small details in a marketing campaign can change the results achieved completely, and the graphic design is more than a simple detail, that is why today we are going to talk about why marketing needs graphic design to be successful.

Importance of graphic design in marketing

The graphic design application in the different company’s marketing strategies has gone from being little relevant to very important; this by the current demands of the market, the competition today is bigger than ever, and every single detail is very important to be able to compete.

In the GD area​​, different advertising strategies are created. Perhaps the simplest part is the creation of brochures, catalogs, instructional manuals, posters, advertisements for public roads, stands, and similar things. But this is only a basic function of it; its importance goes much further.

Graphic designers’ work

Surely you know the McDonald’s or Ferrari logo, don’t you? This is because brand logos are a very important part of the company’s corporate identity. For better or for worse, the consumer will identify the firm from its logo; and as you can imagine, it is made by a graphic designer.

On the other hand, the work of all those involved in the area is not only to make a nice drawing that appeals to potential consumers; a designer goes much further, not only should know which are the company’s potential consumers, to use that knowledge in a specific project, but he should also know these potential customers from a psycho-physiological point of view.

If you are not familiar with the subject, you may not be able to understand why it is so important to take care of every aspect of every marketing strategy, but if you are, surely this does not sound strange to you. A good GD must understand the cognitive, perceptual, and emotional processes of each potential consumer, and from there, start to work. Choosing a particular color or shape for a specific graphic design project for a marketing campaign can mean the difference between a simple message and a message that it will be in the subconscious of all people.

Many times, their work is underestimated, but anyone who is familiar with marketing and has some experience in it knows how relevant it is to have competent personnel in the design area. Some designer’s works may be able to promote a brand in an incredible way, achieving much notoriety in its area.

For us to understand how important a great design can be, we can analyze a recent event that involves a conceptual art of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. An English artist named Daren Newman designed a logo for the event; he was not involved in the official Olympics designers’ team, but his logo was so well done that it soon became viral in the most popular social media platforms. Although this logo is not the official one, it achieved a lot of notoriety; it was so cool that some people even thought it was the official logo. In case you missed it, the point is, Newman (the artist), boosted his personal brand with this cool logo, now he may get some doors open in the future. Isn’t that impressive?

As you can see, the graphic design is an essential part of a company and its marketing strategies, underestimate its capabilities it’s a big mistake, while taking advantage of them can be very productive.

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