Marketing automation is a program designed to carry out all the tasks and activities concerning digital marketing strategies in a fast and efficient way. These are known within marketing as «all-in-one» platforms since they serve to automate and systematize in one place all the processes concerning the digital marketing of a company.

In general, among the varied techniques of digital marketing that can be done from this type of platform, the following stand out:

On the other hand, many businesses use all-in-one programs to offer potential customers personalized and relevant content as an efficient way to turn their potential clients into current clients, and the currents into satisfied ones.

The reason why people opt for these contents is that marketing automation can produce new benefits for corporations by guaranteeing the economic return of the investment made.

To exemplify the aforementioned, the Amazon company is an electronic commerce company that is constantly sending personalized content depending on whether it is not a potential customer, if it is a new registered user, what is its behavior on the web and the consummate purchases.

Why is it important to use marketing automation?

When a company starts to grow, it is necessary to streamline all processes systematically, because the time comes when it is almost impossible to provide a direct relationship with all current or potential customers, because the enormous volume of work exceeds the productive capacity of human resources.

Likewise, it is not convenient to manage all the operational, administrative, commercial, and marketing areas of the company in simple Excel spreadsheets or other traditional programs, since many of them have limited use.

While it is true that you can work with a team of professionals specialized in digital marketing, it is not humanly possible to cover all the tasks, because the most likely thing is that you lose time and money in those daily and repetitive activities such as sending of new emails to potential clients, the newsletter of the new publication in the corporate blog, content programming in social networks, etc…

At this precise moment is when you need to implement in the company an all-purpose program that allows you to automate everything concerning digital marketing to continue providing the same business relationship with customers as at the beginning.

In case of not using an all-in-one tool to automate the digital marketing of the company or business, commercial strategies would be obsolete because they do not have the updated tools limiting the business productivity index.

The biggest challenges of a company are measured by the importance and impact of programs, increasing confidence in the department, and producing quality leads.

So marketing automation is the best instrument to increase the chances of success of the campaigns because it will allow you to weigh the impact and the results generated in the actions directed towards the realization of the sale.


Efficiency: this program reduces the manual workload and increases the performance because you can automate those activities that are carried out manually.

Optimization: human talent is used to the fullest, by virtue of which a single person will be able to establish contact with many current and potential clients.

Saving time: automation tools can save you more time because you would invest more effort in tasks of greater responsibility.

Customer relationship management: this program facilitates the management of the database with all the information of potential and current customers.

Commercial management: it allows you to have a short, medium or long term business relationship with potential customers

Effectiveness: achieve a greater economic return than the investment made in digital marketing with the application of measurement techniques.

Monitoring: the constant monitoring of all digital marketing processes will allow you to perform a systematic evaluation and monitoring of the actions taken with each segment of the database.


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