VSCO is not only an application to edit photos but it is also an artistic and professional practice that increasingly adds more followers to its platform. It’s about capturing the perfect angle, the right light, and taking the time to touch up the final result and get the best photographic product.

With the appearance of the RRSS, the photographs we observe daily go through multiple filters that highlight their beauty. The most popular of applications today is VSCO, not only because of its easy interface but also because it helps to develop our authenticity as touch-up artists.

What is VSCO?

VSCO is an application and social network where creativity and photographic talent emerge.

Some of its features:




There are many things you can do with VSCO: creating photos, editing, importing, sharing them on social networks, sending photos by email, getting followers, among other actions.

VSCO has established a new fashion trend. Do you know what a VSCO girl is?

VSCO Girls: A new trend for photos

Fashion is dynamic; a new trend regularly emerges, especially among the younger population. The VSCO girl is considered modern with a minimalist style, but their appearance is not the only thing that defines them. They post their actions and lifestyle on the RRSS.

The VSCO girls are the 2019 Tumblr girls and the #VSCOGirl hashtag already groups more than one million entries. Current Youtubers users have popularized this term.

How to recognize her aesthetic?

VSCO girls are usually dressed in short or long jeans, shirts or striped blouses and sandals or slippers. They are also distinguished by carrying a canteen, wrist bands, necklaces, and backpacks. They expose some concern for the environment, so they use reusable accessories.

You can say that VSCO Girl has resurrected normcore fashion and has turned it into a lifestyle, more than a trend.

what is vsco girls?
Take better photos using this trend.


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