There are applications that when you download them, you are risking your personal data; that is, they are not secure since they can request a large number of permissions to access information and send ads to track you.

To keep harmful or malicious applications out of the PC or mobile device, you must take precautions.

What are spy apps?

Spy apps can be interpreted as a malware that collects information from a computer and then transmits this information to an external medium, without the approval of the owner.

The term is also used to refer to other products that are not necessarily «spyware.» They fulfill various functions such as displaying unsolicited advertisements, obtaining private information, redirecting page requests, and installing telephone bookmarks.

Spy apps are self-installed in computer systems and run every time it is activated, using the CPU and RAM and reducing the stability of the device.

A typical spy program is self-installed in the affected system so that it runs every time the computer is started up, and it works all the time, controlling the use of internet and showing related ads.

But, unlike viruses, it does not replicate on other devices, so it basically operates as a parasite. The results of an infiltration of a moderate or severe spyware, apart from the issue of privacy, is the reduction of system performance, stability problems, and connection failures.

Google removes spy apps from Play Store

Google made 7 withdrawals of applications from the Play Store because they were created to spy and monitor the mobile activity of users. The Play Store had this software which was detected from Avast; it was related to a Russian developer.

Spy Apps were designed to monitor the location of the owner of the phone, extract information from their contacts, access the content of messages, and call history.

The programs that you should exclude from your device, in case you have them installed, are the ones mentioned below:

The person responsible for the application accessed the victim’s smartphone from the Play Store, then the apps provided a link through their email to track the activity of the owner of the mobile device.

To keep spying undercover, the applications indicated the process to the user on how to disappear their trail from the victim’s mobile, who is unaware of this harassment since the applications do not install an access icon.

Tips to avoid being victims of these methods:

These tips could save the operation of your equipment, and promote its performance and functionality. Follow them, and avoid unwanted spies!

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