Importance of Credibility in Social Networks

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Trust and credibility are two key and determining points through which personal relationships can be measured; however, they are also applicable to connections or links between people, companies, and brands. The rise of social networks, at a time when internet communications continue to prevail in the form of a trend and preference, have imminently re-emphasized the importance of trust and credibility.

Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook to mention only some popular and important social networks are built on the trust, credibility, and integrity that companies transmit.

Credibility and trust versus network of contacts

The social media have misrepresented the essence of the term “trust” emphasizing and focusing on the size of the contact network of a person or company participating in this type of media.

Companies or brands that promote and market products and services on networks should enjoy the trust provided by their consumers and users. They must generate confidence to gain the loyalty and motivation of the consumer and user towards the product because it is a fundamental aspect for people to make decisions regarding merchandise, service or brand.

Even these decisions are sometimes conditioned by the opinions and recommendations of close people within the same family or social circle.

“Many companies direct all their energy towards the application of social media marketing strategies to maximize the reach, size and number of contacts, without focusing on the quality of their connections in social media.” This was expressed by eMarketer analyst Paul Verna (2010) through the Word of Mouth Marketing report “Leveraging online trust and connection.”

Quantitative aspects, as well as efforts to increase the volume of content in participation through social media or increase the number of followers, are much less relevant aspects than the trust placed by users in the company.

Verna also says that “the level of influence of contacts, friends, followers or fans is the real key and does not relate to the network of contacts.”

The confidence showed and transmitted through communication and dialogues maintained with contacts, the quality of the contents and the ability to provide immediate solutions, and responses to situations and concerns presented, are of great importance for the increase of trust and credibility in the web companies.


The investigation was able to conclude that among the users in general of social networks, their relatives and friends, trust is positioned as the determining factor in the face of the suggestions and recommendations of products and services.

This influence in terms of favoritism for certain articles or services on social networks is above the popularity and value in the brand market.

Finally, maintaining direct communication on social networks giving all possible information honestly and transparently to users is binding to capture the market and preserve user loyalty.

For this reason, increasing credibility and trust is moving towards the success of the achievement of results.




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