[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Social networks, the Internet, and mass media -such as television and radio- are currently the most popular ways to advertise. And, although the use of advertising posters is somewhat obsolete for some, no one can deny that they bring great benefits just like modern media.

Advertising posters are basic but can lead to more customers. It should be noted that no means of advertising is totally effective or efficient and must be combined with other strategies to achieve the expected success. But what benefits can the advertising posters bring?


In general, the costs of television commercials are very high, having an advertising space on Facebook or Google also requires an investment, depending on the number of clicks on your link.

The posters have a moderate cost compared to the previous media: depending on size and location, you can print one for between $1 to $40, but with the advantage that thousands of people can see it more than once.


The success of advertising posters has already been demonstrated; if their performance had not been proven, movie posters, posters to promote candidates for public office, posters at bus stops or on the walls of some buildings would have disappeared.

The more people view the ad, the more likely they are to purchase the product. So if a potential customer sees the ad on the street and then sees an ad on a Google link, they will most likely click on the ad.


They have been used for a long time; for this reason, they are a channel that has a good reputation and acceptance thanks to the positive results that decade after decade have generated.

Unlike other forms of advertising, the posters have greater credibility and accessibility for the general public because they are located in visible and public places. Whether the content of the poster is true or not, many consumers rely on an advertising poster.


Television and Internet advertising is aimed at a target audience, but nothing guarantees that these particular people will see it. Imagine for a moment that your product is published on the Internet and it is an online game of dinosaurs, a person interested in Prehistory starts his web search, Google search engines make your ad appear, and the researcher clicks on it. This does not mean that the person is interested in your product, so you will have to pay for a click without results.

However, the posters can be hung in places where the transit of the person is quite fluid and the target audience is located.

For example, if you are a writer, you can promote your literary work in a bookstore or a library where the public can know your product.

Advantages of advertising posters

Today, advertising posters are a very useful promotional tool to boost the business. Know the advantages of having one in a strategic site:


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