Achieving an excellent corporate visual image is not a simple task; it requires a series of elements, but we must take the necessary steps to achieve it. Starting with the design, preparation, and implementation of work uniforms in our company would be a good beginning if we want our business to have an identity that stands out from the rest of the competition.

It is said that the first impression is the one that is worth it, the workers are the ones who are permanently in direct contact with the customers so that the uniforms fulfill a communicative and advertising purpose that provides identity to the company and the brand.

By virtue of the above, many companies have taken the initiative to implement work uniforms, since this has a positive impact on the recognition and prestige of the brand. But the advantages of this decision do not end there; then we will show you why you should use them in your business.

Advantages of work uniforms

Provide safety and hygiene

The work uniforms provide security to the personnel of a company, especially in those places of greater exposure and risks. It is the obligation of the business to ensure that the minimum safety standards are met by providing its employees with safety clothing.

There are various types of uniforms depending on the activity that the worker develops; for example, there are clothes designed for people who handle harmful substances, to work in industrial areas where high visibility is required, others serve to treat food in the most hygienic way possible.

Proper attire will protect workers while doing their daily work; it will even make them feel safer and more confident when they do their activities.

Generate a good impression and corporate image

Clients can better identify workers when they are in uniform. Arriving at a place where employees have a homogeneous attire can generate greater confidence and approach to the company.

The uniform allows customers to know who to go to make a specific request, without the risk of engaging in conversation with the wrong person, so it is an advantage to have them as a wise reference.

Save employees time and money

Companies that do not use work clothes force the employees to select the outfits they must wear that day.

Selecting daily clothes makes us feel comfortable and, at the same time, comply with the required by the establishment is a process that needs time and money, since over time the clothes wear out, and to get to wear diverse attires daily causes an expense.

The uniform minimizes costs on new clothes and makes employees not spending time deciding what to wear day after day.

Promote unity among employees

Recent research has shown that dressing in the same way promotes values ​​of equality, equity, and unity in corporate establishments, fostering mutual help, teamwork, and good interpersonal relationships.

Improve the sense of belonging to the company

Wearing work clothes every day with the brand logo, colors, and their message stimulates the sense of belonging in the workers. This inspires employees to commit to the mission and vision of the company, and devote greater interest and love to the job they do.

Increase security in the company

One of the advantages of work uniforms is that you will be able to identify who are those who work in the business and who are not; this allows us to be cautious in the presence of strangers in the workplace. It is a quick way to inspect the various areas to be aware of a suspicious presence.

Give publicity to the company

Work clothes are accompanied by a logo, images, colors, and a message that identifies the company, each of the workers becomes an ambassador for the brand. They serve to transmit information in the form of propaganda to potential customers.


How do work uniforms contribute to the advertising of a company?


In 786 Group, we make work uniforms an effective advertising tool according to the design, logo of your brand, and image that the company projects. Not only will you take advantage of the pros we have mentioned before, but you will also promote that your workers form part of a permanent advertising campaign.

We also offer guidance on marketing and advertising for an effective communication campaign. Go ahead and contact us so that workwear leads to obtaining benefits for the staff and your organization.

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