Productive companies organize daily work routines to improve the performance of their employees. The programmed activities must be oriented to motivate the staff to be in tune with the priority objectives of the business.

The most common daily routines to increase the productivity level of workers are those related to personal habits: exercising, writing a text, meditating, choosing breakfast, among many others.

The idea is that these mentalize the business team to achieve goals. And the Japanese have put into practice a routine that mentally prepares employees to improve their performance in the workday. It’s called Chorei.


This is a purely Japanese word used to name a morning meeting that is held standing. Everyone in the company needs to attend this call before starting their day.

A traditional practice in their culture, its duration is quite short, generally extending up to 15 minutes. However, it is a very effective way to keep all workers motivated and aligned with the same vision every day.

Unlike other meetings that usually take place in businesses, this one is efficient enough to boost everyone’s energy, positivism, and focus on common goals.

Why choose Chorei?

These meetings have several objectives: offer updates on the projects’ progress, discuss the obstacles that have arisen, and delegate daily tasks.

Attendance at Chorei is mandatory, so all employees must witness the dynamic. This ensures that:

The purpose of these 15-minute meetings is to increase the success of the business, by promoting teamwork and unity between workers. In a study conducted by the University of Hitosubashi, foreign executives in Japan were asked about Japanese culture at work. One of them said:

«There are work routines that are exclusively Japanese. For example, a Chorei is organized every morning, which is like a meeting where everyone is standing, a quick meeting, so that everyone can agree, introduce press clippings and that kind of thing. This is very healthy but I don’t think many companies want to implement it.»

With just 15 minutes a day, you can boost the sense of belonging and performance of your team. This way everyone can share, interact in a healthy way, and feel satisfied with their work.

You can create your own Chorei, all you have to do is take these considerations into account:

Remember, it must be practiced constantly. There are many ways to organize this meeting, here are a few:

Do you find this Japanese practice interesting? Try it now with your work team to boost your company’s growth!


Can a morning routine improve a whole work day?

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