Christmas is a time for shopping, so we must take advantage of these dates to carry out a successful Christmas campaign, getting the highest sales. We present some useful recommendations for your Christmas marketing campaign to apply for this holiday.

1. Anticipate the arrival of Christmas

Christmas marketing campaigns should be carried out in advance: it is recommended to prepare the Christmas campaign a few months before the event.

According to surveys conducted by data analysis companies, 38% of users make their purchases online for Christmas in October, so you should start preparing between July and September.

While you’re planning, you should consider the following:

It is not only about planning Christmas strategies but saving advertising costs and planning the stock.

2. Customize the shopping experience

Exploit the creativity during the campaign; do not limit yourself to the typical or traditional like elves, carols, red and green colors.

Of course, all these elements awaken the Christmas spirit of consumers. Still, you can use innovative resources to improve the browsing and shopping experience of customers, such as search filters, landing pages, categories, and specific guides.

Motivate and surprise users with innovative mechanisms to achieve greater conversion. Explore the market and perform some tests on original and fun designs for apps and online stores that facilitate user purchases in a season characterized by stress.

This online experience will make the user stay longer on the page or app, and will be encouraged to buy the products you offer.

3. Use remarketing and emails

Each company or brand must send twice as many personalized emails to its customer lists in November and December. The segmentation of the target audience is convenient to send content according to every type of customer.

In addition, emails are very useful for increasing conversion figures; even the results are higher than those obtained through social networks and social ads. They have the advantage that they are not as expensive as other channels, but you must have a good marketing team to cover the tasks.

4. Emphasize the brand instead of the products

Promote your brand, let potential customers know and trust it. By launching a new product to the market, customers will agree to buy it if they have familiarity and confidence in the brand.

On the other hand, in December, customers are overwhelmed by the bombardment of advertisements, promotions, reminders, and product catalogs. Although, if they know the brand, they will be more tolerant and will surely have the disposition to open the mail tray.

Highlight those elements that make your brand unique and unrepeatable, cultivate that brand experience that you offer before Christmas products arrive.

Companies such as IKEA, Campofrío, National Lottery, Apple, and Ruavieja have developed Christmas videos with online discussion topics that have led to audience participation and interest.

5. Take care of your most loyal buyers

Christmas is a very competitive season, the numbers of online ads on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook increase significantly, which makes it more difficult to stand out among the multiple ads of the competition.

There is a great risk of investing a large amount of money in online advertising and not achieving a conversion according to this season, especially for new entrepreneurs who have not dedicated themselves to the correct use of precise keywords and search metrics.

On the other hand, Christmas is a great opportunity to gain exposure and get new customers to consult about articles this December.

Try using other channels such as YouTube, Pinterest, Quora, or Reddit that also have a great boom and attract millions of users every day.

Dedicating yourself to your regular customers can be a conservative strategy, but it is effective, as it promotes promotion among family and friends, reinforces loyalty, and progressively increases exposure.

6. Combine news and promotions

After the price madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many commercial establishments increase the price of the products again.

However, many buyers continue to search for offers and low prices to minimize Christmas expenses, so it is good to launch promotions to capture this demand from potential customers.

Use the different channels like emails and SMS to launch offers, express coupons that call the action urgently, and promote the need to purchase. Of course, Christmas campaigns must be carried out in advance; otherwise, these could become a factor of stress, disappointment, and chaos.

The main marketing advice is to prepare for the arrival of Christmas and take all the necessary forecasts before this beautiful season of the year arrives. Have you already prepared your Christmas campaign? Follow us and tell us your results!


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