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Mercadeo Magazine Julio 2024

Emotions invade us all on Christmas Eve. People are sensitive, they gather as a family and give or receive gifts. And this tradition is both a cultural and commercial event. Because of the high demand for different items and services on this date, businesses begin to devise strategies to stand out from the competition and generate more sales. But how do they do it? Well, they go hand in hand with marketing, especially with a variant we like to call emotional marketing.

This tool tries to appeal to the emotions of those looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. It works particularly well to promote gifts for children, but it can be a very effective plan to attract all kinds of customers.

For example, using the image of Santa Claus or the “Niño Jesús,” depending on the country, is a direct call to the memories and feelings of people.

With the right campaign, Christmas is a golden opportunity for companies and brands to increase their income.

Do you know what emotional marketing is?

It is a branch of marketing that focuses on exciting consumers through emotionally charged messages. These will help them decide whether to buy a product or service of the brand that promotes it.

This strategy has two main goals: generating sales, one that we already mentioned, and achieving recognition and a good reputation within the market in which the business is positioned.

Emotional marketing campaigns offer many advantages. Among them, we can highlight that, unlike traditional marketing, this makes the client feel identified since the communication appears to be aimed only at him.

In addition to this, establishing an emotional connection with customers is what makes a company unique.

Tips to develop an emotional marketing strategy

If you want to promote your products or services through this method, you can start by following these simple steps:

Know your client

Seek to know your “buyer” deeply. This way, you’ll be able to target an audience, something necessary for any marketing action. Analyze data such as their age, sex, socioeconomic levels, as well as their needs and preferences.

Think of the emotions you want to call

Be very clear about the emotions you want to reflect on your strategy and its objectives. You can achieve this once you know the customer well enough.

You can opt for feelings of love, empathy, or reconciliation, all very common in times for family reunions.

Maintain consistency between emotion, intensity, and your stated goals

Emotions can manifest in different ways. For example, both fear and joy can start as a slight sensation and then go into a state of panic or excitement. We recommend you try to use strong emotions to convey your message, but it will depend on the type of product or service you are promoting and the goals you want to set for your campaign.

Always keep in mind that a sale is the result of positive emotion in customers. If they feel comfortable with your message, they will likely buy. Otherwise, they won’t.

There may not be a key to achieve the perfect emotional marketing campaign, but always remember that its success depends on authenticity. So, know your audience, be unique, and innovate with your ideas at this beautiful time of the year. And of course, Merry Christmas!


How to make emotional marketing at christmas?

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