Product placement is an advertising technique that consists of inserting a product, message, or brand within a program’s narrative. For example, a character uses the product, makes some reference to it, or the product is seen during the scene. It started to be used in television shows, but soon it was used in other formats such as movies, video clips, and even video games. 

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This technique was born in the United States in the early 1930s, and it was used mostly in the film world as part of narrative development, particularly in some pre-war Hollywood comedies. After the war, due to the distrust of advertising, this strategy was discontinued.

It was only from the early 1970s that product placement was revived by the emergence of specialized agencies that acted as intermediaries in finding, managing, and negotiating product placements in television series and films.

How many people watch TV commercials? Currently, a low percentage. So the advertisers said to themselves, “Nobody watches our ads, so why don’t we put the ads in the shows?” And so product placement was reborn.

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Product placement has become a vital issue since, on the one hand, it allows for the financing of projects linked to the world of entertainment, while at the same time, it makes the trade more profitable. There are three clearly differentiated types of product placement:

Advantages of product placement over other marketing strategies: 

-You can present both the brand and the product in a much more organic way.

-Being mentioned by the characters or in the dialogues, the product or brand becomes more meaningful to the audience consuming the content. By being important or part of the lives of the people in the film, then it also becomes relevant to the viewer.

We’ll leave you some video examples of product placement; we’ll give you the link and the name… It’s your job to see and identify, are you ready?

Converse – I, Robot

Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Nike – Back to the Future

Coca-Cola – Superman

Nokia – The Matrix

Why is the product placement effective?

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