Workplace stress can become a dangerous situation for every worker. According to the International Labor Organization, stress has become an epidemic of modern life, especially at workplaces. There are many causes for the development of this condition; it will depend on every individual; among the symptoms, you can feel bad mood up to depression, but also exhaustion and physical conditions. Please read all about workplace stress and how to prevent or manage it!

What is workplace stress?

This is a kind of stress that happens in any work environment. Usually, it is the result of an imbalance between demands (owns and labor), and the available resources or capacity to fulfill it. However, there are many reasons behind a stress condition, It can be an external cause that the worker takes into the workplace, or it can be a mix of different reasons. 

Consequences of workplace stress

Here we show you a list of the consequences from both sides the workers’ and the company:

Workers’ point of view

-Physical conditions, such as diseases and pathologies.

-Cognitive and motor problems.

-Several disorders can vary from immunological to sexual.

-Psychological issues from anxiety to a deep depression that can lead to suicide. 

Company’s point of view

-A decline in productivity.

-Workers’ absence.

-A terrible organizational culture due to employee turnover.

-A decrease in the quality of the process, the final product, or the service offered.

Causes of workplace stress

As you can read, workplace stress can be generated for so many different causes; the important part here is to recognize the symptoms and face this before it can present the worst consequences. Keep reading more interesting articles about the work environment, and follow us in our social media!

Fundamentals of workplace stress.

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