Influencers are those internet personalities getting more and more followers, thanks to their attractive or funny content on social media platforms, like YouTube or Instagram. They can influence their followers to make a new challenge, in the format of a short video, from making an action to dance a song, and upload it on their accounts with a specific hashtag; or simply to recommend a product that can be sold out in hours or even minutes.

But don’t get them wrong; this is a real job, involving weeks of planning and a good marketing strategy to keep their followers happy and interested in their content. So how do they get that fame and popularity? And do they really make that much money with a simple Instagram post or a video on YouTube? Keep reading to find out those answers!

Financial benefits of being an influencer

These influencers’ fame and popularity come from their content; it must be one that catches the attention, about things that people like. For example, tutorials of different types of makeup, or streaming an important online game; it’s amazing how gamers are becoming more and more popular these days. You can also find normal celebrities, they were the first influencers, even when the term wasn’t using like that. 

But this content is just the first step because the thing that makes them influencers is their amount of followers! If your account has more than 100K followers, congratulations, you can be an influencer and take advantage of it. There are also the terms «nano influencer» with less than 10K followers, and «micro-influencers» which followers go from 10K to 100K, they definitely can influence their little legion of followers.

There are many benefits for influencers, but financially speaking, they can get margin profits from a sponsored post or a long partnership with big brands from fashion to technology. This can bring the opportunity to use or experience first, new products and services. Many influencers can travel to new destinations, enjoy the place, or assist to big events from fashion weeks to awards ceremonies, meeting their idols or favorite celebrities. All these practically free, just uploading their experience on their social media. 

Another new benefit is the opportunity to have a credit card that gives money according to the number of followers and likes. The money that the influencer or streamer gets because of their content will present a solid base for having good records with the card. The Karat Black Card is created in partnership with Stripe, and wherever Visa is accepted, this card will, too. Sounds incredible, right?

How do influencers make money?

They get their money with posts or videos on any of their social media accounts. The best platforms are Instagram and YouTube, even when Facebook and Twitter are the most popular, the first two are the most visual social media platforms. However, Twitch is the preferred field for gamers that get a considerable amount of money streaming their games, but Facebook is starting to arise in that field, soon we will show more about this world. 

Posts on Instagram that are sponsored, including stories, can cost up to USD 1,642 each one. YouTube is the most expensive platform. Brands can pay up to USD 6,700 per sponsored video. In contrast, Twitter and Facebook are cheaper from USD 395 to 422 per post. Blogs are also a field that influencers use a lot, especially the ones dedicated to travel or food, they tell their stories or experiences through a blog post, and each sponsored publication can cost up to USD 1,442. 

The influencer marketing will grow more and more, but it won’t erase the traditional digital marketing, brands work with them to show products, but they will never stop promoting them on their pages. The influencers’ job is to show the product or service to more people and give their review, but this also a great platform to help good causes, remember they are watch and admire by many.

Being an influencer is not easy; it is a job full of dedication and effort; it takes time to reach the level where you get that much money only with a post. Still, if you are dedicated and work hard, you can be one of those influencers that always appeared on your Instagram timeline. Keep in touch with more interesting articles with the Magazine, and don’t forget to follow us on our social media.

Financial benefits of influencers.

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