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Marketing is an area that will always need some design, so here is where Graphic Design takes its pride. Graphic design in advertising can be found practically everywhere. The best ads out there need a quality graphic design to stand out, so check out its importance with excellent examples, keep reading!

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Importance of graphic design in advertising

First of all, advertising is the methods and practices to promote products, services, causes, and others to notice and react to them. Marketing strategies are created to show ads with different aspects such as graphics, messages, colors, pictures, videos, and computer animations. All of them are part of marketing’s visual aspect, because, without them, marketing cannot exist. 

So, what is the importance of graphic design in advertising? Easy, this is the most popular method in which marketing firms around the world promote their products. Visual aspects are always important for marketing, moreover for ads around. But it’s not only used for selling those products; ads can have a huge impact, so they’re also used for setting up social changes, to highlight important social movements, or simply as a reminder of important causes. Check out these points that show its importance!

  • Communication: promoting a product through graphics is highly reliable. A good graphic can catch attention while keeping its message to increase the probability that the audience will buy the product. 
  • Attention: graphic design plays an important role in obtaining the audience’s focus. Using colors and concepts to fulfill the campaign’s purpose, that can go from present new products to social awareness campaigns. 
  • Bring the message to life: emotions are a part of human nature, so even when the message is important and can change a life, a picture has more meaning than 1000 words, so graphic design can convey that 1000 words into one single image that capture emotions and also attract the audience. 
  • Drive conversions: marketing is all about calls to action to see results. So graphic design has a big burden to give more impact to that call to action, driving conversions. Many people feel attracted to ads, landing pages, or websites with an incredible and pleasing design. 

So the graphic design in advertising is so essential to deliver a message and attract the audience and keep them loyal to any brand, or to create social awareness about different problems and social causes. Now let’s check out some incredible examples of graphic design in advertising!

Examples of graphic design in advertising

Earth day from WWF (World Wildlife Fund): earth day has always been a significant point in social awareness. To celebrate our planet and increase awareness about all the environmental problems, this ad shows the earth as a scoop of ice cream that is melting.

Cr. Design Inc.

McDonald’s Night-time service: even when McDonald’s is one of the world’s biggest brands, they always try to keep their ads simple. And how they promoted their night-time service was a clever one, using two strategically positioned lamps that recreate the famous logo. Besides that, the words “open at night” can only be distinguished when those lamps are on and at night.

Cr. Design Inc.

Nivea Face Cream: Nivea is widely known for its simplicity. Its ads are always clean, simple, and highlight the product. In this case, it is all about its night-time face cream, with this ad Nivea shows the classical cream but hitting that is for night-time use, with fair use of the lid that also shows the brand name.

Cr. Design Inc.

Chupa Chups Sugar-Free Ad: in this case, the brand is playing with the message that its lollypops are so good, and completely sugar-free, that not even the ants will want a taste.

Cr. Design Inc.

Spotify Ad: this ad is a clear message for older millennials, who were born before the 90s, using lyrics from old songs. Spotify is trying to catch their attention, offering all their beloved music in one place, never is late to learn more about its streaming service.

Cr. Design Inc.

Thinx Periods Ad: this is a complicated subject for many, even when it is a natural event for women, but Thinx understands the power of hard conversations through their campaigns. So this ad presents a world where all experienced monthly periods, the message is if all of us had them we could be more comfortable with them. And of course, they offer innovative products making periods more bearable for women, but they like to spark strong dialogues.

Cr. Shillington Education.

Nike Ad Campaign: Nike is a famous sports brand, but precisely for it, they use popular athletes to deliver its message. With this ad, they don’t want to put products into the spotlight; everybody knows what they sell. Instead, they want athletes to talk about dreams and good messages. Nike has always presented incredible and one-of-a-kind campaigns.

Cr. Shellington Education.

IKEA Pregnancy Ad: in 2018, IKEA present this atypical advertising, which also serves as a pregnancy test! Yeah, you have to pee on it. If the test was positive and confirmed the pregnancy, you got a discount on a crib. If not well it didn’t matter. It was fun to check out the ad. This campaign followed the same minimal IKEA style, but it was highly innovative and difficult to forget.

Cr. Adweek.

As you can see, Graphic Design in advertising can make the difference for a great and successful campaign. Check out more interesting marketing articles with the Magazine, don’t forget to follow us on our social media.

Reasons why graphic design in advertising is important.

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