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Business cards are still an important tool for business and professional careers. Even when all the changes that are happening with the digital aspects could make us think that they are not that useful anymore. But actually, they are so beneficial for your brand and connections that they are stronger than ever. Check out how they can help you and your business!

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Why are business cards still used?

Even when many things are now in the digital world, business cards are still here. Of course, you can find their digital version, but giving one of those small papers plays a major role within the hard world of connections. We are offering you some reasons why they are so useful. 

Marketing and promotions

Listen, a perfectly designed business card can do wonders for your brand and its image. Moreover, they can help you to promote yourself, especially if you work on your own. For small entrepreneurs, those cards can take the name of the brand around the city and even beyond because a good business card can have more than just the contact information. They can tell what the brand offers.

They are a custom in the business world

It’s almost a veiled rule exchanging a business card at the beginning or at the end of a business meeting. If you give one, it’s correct to receive one back, which has become a custom in the business world, and the major reason they are still used. And another important point is that they become the first impression that your brand gives, so it must be a good and professional one. 

Simplicity is the main aspect

Business cards are all about simplicity, and we are not speaking about the design. It’s more about the simplicity in giving and using one. Look, many digital devices make our lives easy. Still, sometimes they present some issues, like sharing some information through a QR code, you need the latest update, or you will need an email address to send contact information. And let’s be honest. This can be a little problematic, but a small piece made of different materials you can give right away can be very useful. Business cards are still the best way to get to a major audience and share your brand, all with a small piece with the basic information and what you can offer. 

Advantages of using business cards

There are many things about what your brand needs business cards. For that reason we are bringing some of them, keep reading!

Quickly Information

A business card can present all the information that clients, possible investors, and even friends and family will need about your business and brand. So the card can contain the name with the brand’s logo, email address, phone numbers, name of the person in charge, slogan, and even products and services; everything is about creativity. 

The best way to share your brand

Business cards are the best and the easiest way to promote your brand, especially during meetings, events, congress, fairs, and any kind of reunion. With just a minute, you can show your brand, and for further information, there is the business card. After all, they are perfect for showing the brand’s image and keeping interesting future clients and investors. 

Great for any place and time

Always have a business card with you because any place and time are perfect for giving information about your brand. Maybe in a small cafe, you will meet someone interested in you or your business, so to provide all the pertinent information the best is to give the card, expecting to hear from them very soon. This will provide you with a professional look and more impact on the brand. 

Think of something original

Business cards are like any marketing strategy. Creativity and originality are what can make a difference. There are many interesting and creative business cards, so don’t choose the most boring things, think of something original. Here at 786 Marketing, we can help you pick the best business card for your brand. We have the best team ready to understand what you want and how you want to present it. For more information, follow this link 786 Marketing Miami or contact us through and +1 (954) 825-5182.

Now that you know the benefits that business cards offer, what are you waiting for? Pick the best card for your brand and give it the best promotion. Keep in touch with the Magazine with our social media, follow us, and don’t miss any post!

What you should know about business cards.

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