We are living in a world where big changes are happening, and social causes are the ones that make more impact on marketing. Using big brands’ voices to give the spotlight to those causes is generating a revolution in marketing. Today we are discussing Femvertising, the advertising that uses feminism as the main message. Keep reading.

What is femvertising?

This advertising shows a message to empower women while fighting gender stereotypes, presenting concepts of social awareness, pro-women causes, and female leadership. The femvertising can generate closenesses and desire to purchase, making it part of the gender marketing that wants to find solutions to each gender’s needs, with different strategies. 

Femvertising was born in 2014, which means Female Empowerment Advertising, in Advertising Week by She Media. In 2015 they came up with the Femvertising Awards to highlight and celebrate those brands that understand and launch campaigns with strong messages about female empowerment and leadership, to challenge gender inequality. Taking feminism into the advertising world is just another way to give power to a movement fighting for women’s rights.

What you should know about femvertising

There are many good examples of femvertising from big brands like Dove, Nike, and even Barbie. Dove is a perfect example of what many beauty brands are doing right now. They are using natural beauty to present their products, which helps to emphasize that natural look. Take a look at their ad. 

Here they are working with Cartoon Network through their series Steven Universe to present a self-esteem project and help young girls boost that self-esteem, accept who they are, and look. Focusing on the new generations, the changes can be faster, be natural, and forgetting beauty standards are what we must teach girls.

Sports being dominated by women?

Nike is one of the biggest sports brands worldwide, but renowned male athletes normally get sponsorships from those brands. After all, the sports field is still very dominated by men. However, women are gaining more recognition in their preferred sports year after year, not only the ones exclusive for women but also for everyone out there. For this year, Women’s Day, Nike presented this ad, hoping that women worldwide won’t need it one day. Every day, we can celebrate women.

Girls can dream of being everything!

Barbie is a well-known toy brand. It has their detractor because the dolls’ image is one of perfection without portraying different beauties. However, the company has been presenting so many changes over the years, especially giving empowerment messages to girls worldwide, which now is considered a symbol of empowerment for little and young girls.

They are working with the Dream Gap Project to teach girls their full potential and unlimited abilities. Boys are not better than girls. We all have our unique skills. But we need to close the dream gap. Girls can be whatever they want. We need to let them dream as Barbie’s slogan says, “you can be anything.” Many girls dream of being engineers, scientists, astronauts, doctors, CEOs, and even presidents, but normally society kills that dream pushing them into careers “suitable for women.” Barbie teaches them not to stop dreaming, reach those goals, and become whatever they want. Check the ad!

As we can note, Femvertising is a powerful tool and a great marketing strategy. But it must be used wisely. Brands need to practice what they preach. You can’t use this strategy without having a woman representing the brand, and not as ambassadors but with a high position within the company. Brands speak about empowerment, so they need to empower their own employees and close the gap between women and men in the corporate world. 

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Facts about femvertising

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