Why Should Your Brand Have a Wikipedia Page?

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Wikipedia is one of the most searched websites on the web because vital information about any topic can be found. But the importance of having a Wikipedia Page goes beyond that today. We are going to explain exactly that. Keep reading!

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Is it necessary to have a Wikipedia page?

The answer to that question is a big fat, YES! The reason is simple, Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) trust Wikipedia, so any page from it will be placed at the top of any search. So, having a Wikipedia Page will give a boost of visibility to the brand, thus increasing the image and the reputation. 

In the marketing world, it is mandatory to use different social media platforms to help the brand secure position, reputation, and gain clients. But, Wikipedia can be even more critical. After all, when you search for something on Google, among the first results, a Wikipedia Page will pop up. This page can generate many leads that will bring traffic to the website and improve the image of the brand. And people can know everything about the brand. It will always be interesting to see the history of how the company exists.  

However, creating a Wikipedia Page is not easy because the format for those pages is more like an essay for a college, so some skills are required to write one. Many try to become experts on it, like mastering some art.

Here at 786. Marketing, we offer a full service to create the best Wikipedia Page for your brand. The best writers to fulfill the task to tell the most crucial information about the company, exciting facts, and its history. Just contact us to learn all the details of our service, following this link 786.Marketing or with +1 (954) 825-5182 and, we are here to help you have a professional Wikipedia Page.

Reasons to have a Wikipedia page

These are the main reasons to have a one. There are incredible benefits to your brand. Check them out!


Even when social media platforms work wonderfully to show what your brand does or offers, it can be hard to show all the information, history, achievements, and more with one single post. So, better to have a Wikipedia Page that resumes all that information with one click. Besides, as stated above, Google will show the page as one of the first results in any search about the brand, giving more visibility.

Increase Your Credibility

Having a Wikipedia Page can increase credibility. After all, if your brand starts gaining fame, this page can present all the vital information for your new clients. With that, the brand can solidify its image and present not facts but useful data for everyone. 

Neutrality and Reliable Sources

Wikipedia is an open editing platform. This means that any account can edit any page, but they must know to do it. But, this doesn’t imply that Wikipedia has problems maintaining its neutrality. On the contrary, it tends to cover any angle, positive or negative, without defamation. 

That is the main reason to hire experts to create your Wikipedia Page. It won’t be any good to leave outside the bad aspects of your history because someone else can edit the page and put those. But an expert can convey all the facts without putting a bad image to the brand. Neutrality is the key!

Moreover, Wikipedia has strict guidelines to allow a page to be published. All the details need to have reliable sources with links. All of them will appear at the end of the page for people to check them out. This ensures that information that can harm the image with false accusations or that is trying to tarnish the brand can be published, even with the available editing feature. And all the wiki editors that are registered to the website agree to monitor their work to assure reliable sources. 

As you can note, a Wikipedia Page has more benefits for your brand than what you thought. Yes, Wikipedia gained detractors with time, but now they offer only the best information with reliable and trusted sources. So don’t be afraid of having your wiki page for your brand. Keep in touch with the magazine through or social media. 

Advantages of a Wikipedia page

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