When we are speaking about social media platforms, automatically we think about Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The first one has become one of the most used platforms with more than 1 billion users per month, so many businesses and brands want to have a solid presence there. However it’s not so simple, so check out what you will need to grow on Instagram 2021.

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Instagram 2021: what you should know

2021 is so close that we have already started to think about it. Social Media platforms strategies and campaigns are being planned, Instagram is becoming the king on it, so what do you need for next year? Read our tips for a great strategy on Instagram.

A Captivating Bio

The bio is the first thing that the audience will check when visiting your profile, making it the first impression that they will have about your brand and the account. So the bio must be captivating to invite people to follow you. Sounds easy, right? But turns out writing a bio that portrays what the brand does and offers is not in any way easy. Creativity and innovation, to say in a few words all about the brand, is what can make the difference.

Create and Maintain a Unique Instagram Feed

The next thing that the audience will check on your profile is the feed. This must show the brand image and personality, 2021 will continue to favor originality especially from brands. So use your feed to make an impact, without losing the main focus of promoting the brand’s products or services. Be original and keep consistency on the posts, so the audience will be attracted to your account. 


With the correct hashtags, your brand can reach more people that can become new followers. Look up the best hashtags within your niche, and which one of them express your brand and the content of the post. But, don’t forget to mix them with traditional hashtags to reach more audiences, after all the platform allows up to 30 hashtags for every post. 

Another great way to use hashtags is by creating a specific one for your brand or each campaign. Many big brands take this point and make the best hashtags for them, originating more presence and gaining more followers. Plus, if you encourage the audience to use the hashtag, it can become a viral movement, gaining publicity and a major reach. 


This is the text that accompanies every post, it doesn’t matter its format. But this text must be one that has a call to action encouraging people to at least comment on the post. However, with a great text, you can tell the story behind that post, start a conversation with any user, lead the audience to your website, offer discounts and promotions, and so much more. Here it is also where you can tag people and use hashtags, the options for the caption are infinite, just make them original and catchy.

Participate more

Instagram is not just a one-way platform, you can publish any type of post, story, and present a great strategy. But you need to also participate actively, this means to answer any comment, keep close track of your DM, and just like any other user comment on the post of accounts that you considered interesting, that are relevant for your brand, and even interact with the competition.

Keep an eye on your tagged posts

Any user can tag your account on any post, but you must keep an eye on those posts. This is because any person can check those posts on your profile, so better to know what is showing. If you don’t have time, better to change the settings to approve those posts that you considered adequate for the brand.

Focus on local reach

Local audience can have a big impact on your brand, but getting a local reach will depend on two important things: geotag and local hashtags. The first one is about adding locations to your posts. You can do this with local places or the real address of the business, many users search those locations to find interesting businesses in their area. The second one is pretty similar, users like to follow local hashtags to know more about what to do or find in their cities or towns. 

CTAs are important

In one of the above points, we discuss the use of call to action on captions, but Instagram offers interesting and very useful tools to increase those CTAs. From the swipe up to know more on the stories to show the products on every post with the price, these CTAs are features that Instagram offers to help you reach more audience and keep them interested. But of course, the classical CTA is the one that you put on every caption.

Influencer Marketing

2021 will be the year of the influencers, they are already powerful enough, but next year can be more successful for them. So using some influencers to publicize your brand is not a bad move however you must know what strategies to use here. The main focus is to find an influencer from your niche that will be interested in your product or service, for example, you cannot find a foodstagrammer to publicize a makeup brand; if your brand is a library try to find a local bookstagrammer that will help you to find a new market. 

Instagram Ads

The classic move on any social media platform is to invest in ads. They can help you to reach a larger audience, but let’s be clear they will need a constant inversion and budget, and after trying them you will notice a growth, but after the first ad you will need a constant strategy for them. 

These are the best ways to optimize your Instagram for 2021. Social media platforms will be stronger next year so start planning campaigns and strategies for them. They will help your brand in so many aspects.

Instagram 2021: what you have to know.

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