LinkedIn is the favorite social media platform for professionals, but it is starting to develop some new features for the new year. These last months of 2020 have shown some of the new options to different users, 2021 will be the year where everybody can enjoy them. LinkedIn 2021 will definitely be the platform that professionals will enjoy

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LinkedIn 2021: What we can expect for 2021

There are some interesting features for LinkedIn that some users are already getting. These can make more attractive the platform, but it doesn’t miss the professional aspect that this social media has always possessed. Check out these features!


Since Instagram started to use this feature, the other social media platforms jump into the wagon, Facebook, WhatsApp, and now Twitter are presenting the 24h updates, with different names and tools, but their main function is still the same: sharing something for a short amount of time. LinkedIn is now the latest platform to present this function, it will work exactly as with the other platforms, so if you know how to use them it won’t be any problem.

But let’s talk about its benefits, remember LinkedIn is a professional social media, the stories offer great ways to show your job, from small updates about daily activities to short videos that can work perfectly to show your abilities, experiences, and the never-ending process of looking for a job. Besides, it can also show your expertise in your sector giving advice and some useful tips. 

Conversations can turn into videocalls 

LinkedIn offers DM when you can have a conversation through messages or voice notes, but this new feature offers the possibility to take that to the next level by starting a video call using a platform such as Zoom. Just think about it, you are talking with a recruiter through the DM and then you pass that to a video call to talk more freely and to express your answers better. But take into consideration some tips, the video call must be just the last resource and try to know every detail about the company or the person that is talking with you.  

Edit or eliminate messages 

LinkedIn was a platform where you cannot modify or eliminate a message, so if you send a comment or message through InMail you know you can proceed to do different changes or to eliminate the whole text. This can help in case of mistakes within the text, or if the received person wasn’t the correct one. 

Another great improvement about messages is the group chats, they were very basic but now you can have the same options that an individual chat. This includes of course the option to modify or eliminate messages in the group chat, in LinkedIn you must look professional and this includes great messages.

LinkedIn 2021: How to take advantage of this information?

The new features are only to improve your experience within the platform, but the main goal of LinkedIn is to help you to look for a job, and to engage within your sector with other professionals. Besides finding quality content about your sector and the worldwide view about different areas, marketers are starting to find the full benefits of using LinkedIn in their strategies. 

These new changes within the platform will transform Linkedin in 2021 into great social media for marketing. Let’s see how they will develop and how the users will use them. LinkedIn in 2021 looks promising. Don’t miss any article or post on our social media!

LinkedIn 2021: information for entrepreneurs.

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