Engagement is a word widely used in Marketing, but not everybody understands it. This is all about commitment, creating trust with the users or clients, getting them to participate beyond a purchase or a service. Nowadays, brands aim to create a great engagement to keep their followers happy and interested in their content. Keep reading to find out more about it!

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What is engagement?

Easy is the commitment that can be created between the brand and the customers, audience, or followers that could be potential clients. This can be measured with the engagement rate, which indicates the degree of this commitment. The engagement rate can help to understand:

To calculate the engagement rate, it’s essential to know what channels are the most used by the brand. This is because each one of them will need different tools and strategies. But the basics are quite simple, take the users’ interactions with the publications in a given period, and divide them by the number of publications made during that time. Then take that result, divide it by the number of followers on that channel, and multiply the result by 100. However, each social media platform has its formula for that, so check out the most important:

Social Media Platform Formula
Facebook (No. likes + No. comments + No. shared in X period / No. of publications in that period) / No. of fans x 100
Instagram  (No. likes + No. comments in X period / No. photos of that period) / No. of followers x 100
Twitter (No. mentions + No. RT in X period / No. Tweets in that period) / No. of followers x 100
LinkedIn (No. recommend + No. share + No. comments in X period / publications in that period) / No. of contacts x 100

Why is engagement so important?

The engagement is critical to know how the relationship with the audience is going, and if the brand’s popularity is increasing. This can help create improvements to the brand or strategies in each platform; however, to get to this point, the brand must have a SWOT analysis to understand strengths and weaknesses fully. With that, the engagement can show significant results, plus it has some exciting benefits, like:

So, what is your brand waiting to jump into the engagement improvement? That way, the brand can grow exponentially, bringing more loyal customers. Keep in touch with 786 Magazine to read more exciting articles about actuality, marketing, technology, and more. 

Reasons why engagement is important.

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