Creativity is an ability that works perfectly when you can find a reliable source of inspiration. They can be everywhere, from your loved ones to even your pet. There are infinite options to find that stroke of inspiration. But today, we will discuss how these sources of inspiration work to stimulate and exercise your creativity. Keep reading!

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Sources of inspiration to exercise your creativity

Listen, we all can be creative with everything we do, from working on our normal daily activities to doing something unexpected, like a special dinner for your partner. All these things can have a touch of creativity. But it cannot work without the correct push of inspiration, and this sometimes is hard to find. However, contrary to common belief, inspiration can be found EVERYWHERE!

That is where sources of inspiration do their magic. Plastic artists, designers, filmmakers, and writers can tell you that anything will spark a rush of inspiration that will lead to a magnificent final result. Take, for example, J. K. Rowling, she had this idea for Harry Potter’s story in a train, she has always said that she doesn’t know what triggered that idea, but definitely, something was the source of inspiration, maybe her endless love for witches stories or her upbringing. Here the most important lesson is that inspiration can appear everywhere and when you less expected it.

Finding your source of inspiration will never be that difficult. Just be open to everything surrounding you. And the most important point is that motivation is different for everybody. What works for a person may not work for you, so find your own inspiration and enjoy it. That is the main secret of every source of inspiration. 

Types of sources of inspiration

Your Surroundings

It may be surprising to many, but this is the most reliable source of inspiration. You will never know when the inspiration will come and get you into a fierce wave of work. Many artists and writers know this very well. Sometimes they work all night because the inspiration was the best during those hours, but morning could be that time. See, there are no rules when it appears, and anything that is surrounding you can trigger that creativity. 


This has been a great source of inspiration since old times. Music is part of daily life. It is almost impossible not to listen to some song or tune every day. Nowadays, with access to advances such as streaming services only for music, you can have an endless library of any type of music. The best way to find inspiration with music is to let it play. Some people find it with instrumental music or film soundtracks, others with lively music, while others prefer the classical selection. There are many genres to satisfy the tastes of everybody. Find that perfect playlist and start creating. 


This is another primary source. Humans always show an inclination to portrait important aspects or events through art, which later becomes a form of expression and a great way to tell a story. Nowadays, we are exposed to many different artistic works. However, classic pieces and modern art still have that magic to generate a reaction. Maybe visiting a museum or looking at a catalog can give you that inspiration. 


Surprisingly, even when these stories are created under a push of inspiration, they can definitely bring inspiration to others. Within the books’ pages, we can find excellent quotes or stories that can resonate in us or give us a message that will live with us forever. Some books changed a generation of readers, while others can help people to get over the worst times. Writers find that as a pleasure. This is an activity that even when technology pushes for more digital aspects, books and stories are stronger than ever. 


Surrounding yourself with nature can be another amazing source of inspiration. Nowadays, we live in a world where technology rules, where everything can be enclosed under a concrete forest, but nature is something that every living being needs in a moment or another. Mother nature still reminds us that she is greater and powerful than us. It’s precisely in that power where the magic, beauty, and inspiration mix creating a fantastic element.

Loved Ones 

Everybody can have a muse, a person who will bring out the best part of ourselves, giving that strength and love every day. And that special person will be an incredible source of inspiration to release all the creativity that each one of us has. Spending time with friends, family, and partners will boost creativity that can help us with jobs and projects. So start planning great times with your loved ones!

These are just a few of all the sources of inspiration. Still, technically everything can be a source of inspiration, just that those are normally the preferred ones for many. Find that inspiration that your creativity needs and start creating! Keep in touch with the Magazine and read all our great articles!

List of sources of inspiration to stimulate creativity
Sources of inspiration list to stimulate creativity.

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