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When we started to use smartphones and other smart devices, the world and our lifestyle changed forever. Definitely thinking about this without bringing apps to the discussion is not normal. These applications make phones, tablets, laptops, T.V.s, and even watches different, each designed for specific operative systems and with its own features. But let’s dive more into the latest innovation apps with this article. Keep reading!

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Apps in numbers

2019 and 2020 were years where apps reached their highest peak in terms of downloading and users. Moreover, in 2020 where many faced confinement, those days were fulfilled with the use of different apps from work to entertainment, without forgetting the ones for communication after all video calls were the stars last year. 

There are more than 4.3 million apps among all the operative systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Amazon. The most popular categories of apps in the U.S. are communication and social network, web browsers, utilities, and tools, according to entertainment to Statista. None of them aren’t surprising due to the world situation we faced last year, which is still ongoing this 2021. People took their devices not only for work but also as a way of distraction from the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts are pretty sure that this number will increase this year.

Innovative apps for iOS and Android

These apps can offer many excellent and useful features. Besides that, they are available not only for smartphones but also for web browsers. The latest actualizations allow them to install apps linked to the browser directly to the computer. Some of them use the progressive web application technology (PWA) technology that helps create a crossover with the website and the app, two in one. Check out these innovative apps!


This app is named like that because it is pretty simple to use. It’s perfect for healthcare workers, especially those who work independently like home nurses. Simple is ideal for them because they register several patients, their records, and data. All the information is synchronized directly with the cloud-based record system that Simple offers. 


We find an interesting and innovative app with Forest. Working from home can result in many distractions simultaneously, especially from the use of your smartphone. Forest wants to eliminate those distractions and keep you focused with the help of a virtual forest. With the start of that day’s work session, a seed is planted in this virtual forest.

The main goal is to help that seed grow into a big and strong tree at the end of the workday but to reach that goal, you can close the application, so this doesn’t allow you to check other apps. But it’s not a type of virtual game. Forest has a partnership with the non-profit organization Trees for the Future, with each tree that grows, you obtain coins that can be donated to plant real trees in several parts of the world. 

Too Good to Go 

This is the perfect app to reduce food waste and help those who cannot afford it. The app connects people with shops, restaurants, and stores, offering a big discount to gain something with food and products thrown away while helping people feed themselves and their loved ones. Any user can order a discounted food package from a nearby store and proceed to pick it up after paying the total. The app is available in 12 countries in Europe and the U.K., with more than 25 thousand stores registered that can offer discounts of up to 70%. 


Are you a food lover? Or do you enjoy cooking? Well, if your answer is yes for both questions, then Yummly is the app for you. This innovative app presents individualized recommendations, recipes, food plans, delivery, shopping list, and other services that revolve around food. The best part is that you can find Yummly as an Android and iOS app and as a web app with PWA technology. The last one offers a search engine for food, recipes, restaurants, and cooking; these results can be filtered by prices, ingredients, cooking time, allergies, diet, cuisine, among other indicators. 

These apps are exactly what you can expect when looking up for innovation, all direct to your hands through your device. 2021 is just starting. You can expect many new apps with technology such as A.I., on-demand services, V.R. and A.R., IoT apps, virtual wallets, and more. Keep in touch with the Magazine to find out more about them!

Innovative apps for smartphones.

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