This Is How the Community of YouTubers Grew up in 2019

The YouTube digital platform continues to grow and is showing no signs of stopping. A quarterly analysis, recently published by its executive director Susan Wojcicki, reflected the performance and activity of users and found that the percentage of YouTubers with more than a million subscribers increased by 65%. As seen in that study, many digital […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: the Perfect Phone? Find out!

Every day we see how the largest technology companies are creating new devices increasingly updated and innovative. This time, Samsung was not left behind. The new Samsung Galaxy 10+ is… a great and perfect device? Today we tell you all about this new smartphone, read on! Beautiful design In the Aura Glow model, the metallic […]

Twelve Years Ago the #Hashtags Were Born, and Today We Celebrate It!

One of the most popular social networks is Twitter and next to it the symbol that has become a great trend, the hashtag, which today celebrates 12 years of its creation! Although today the hashtag is in the top of fame, we must tell you that this was not accepted at first! Read on and […]