The YouTube digital platform continues to grow and is showing no signs of stopping. A quarterly analysis, recently published by its executive director Susan Wojcicki, reflected the performance and activity of users and found that the percentage of YouTubers with more than a million subscribers increased by 65%.

As seen in that study, many digital content creators became more popular in 2019, thanks to the tools and scope provided by this company. Wojcicki also mentioned that this was due to the evolution of many of their policies.

Taking into account the figures released in 2018, this growth amounts to 65%, while YouTubers with earnings of more than 10,000 dollars per year have increased by 40%. These factors demonstrate that more and more people are dedicating their time to create quality content, not just to generate money but to turn this activity into a lifestyle.

Monetization and copyright claims

The executive director referred to the monetization process, and all the inconveniences this may cause. The main issue they need to resolve is the copyright claims. In this sense, many users haven’t been able to monetize their videos because of alleged copyright infringements.

Wojcicki informed YouTube users they are working to find solutions to these problems soon. The first step was taken a few months ago when some changes were introduced to prevent unjust claims over different content, like documentaries, essays, and music videos.

Likewise, they now request brands a series of requirements to validate the claims and prove ownership of the images used by video creators. To continue monetizing their content, Youtubers have the option to modify it quickly thanks to the tools offered by the platform.

This year, the company also made some improvements in its platform related to the monetization of contents. This has allowed thousands of channels to increase their income through these new functions.

In addition to the traditional ways to increase visits and subscribers, thousands of fans are now able to contribute financially with their favorite YouTubers using features like Super Chat.

According to Wojcicki, the creators who have used them have been more successful in growing their number of subscribers and income, compared to those who haven’t used this strategy in their channels.


Youtubers with more than one million subscribers


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