Within the virtual world, there are endless applications, tools, and pages that allow the work of the community managers and the digital marketing agencies to be more bearable. Today we show you some of the most important or best known that every person who works or has planned to venture into this profession should have.

5 apps to start in the world of digital marketing

1- To organize the work:  in this category, we must know that to manage social networks is essential to have control and organization of all the elements that will be useful for the publications. One of the most used apps is Evernote, a multifunctional agenda that gives you the possibility of having a virtual assistant to help you remember and organize the lists of content that you must publish at the time you have scheduled, following the metrics and audience volume for each social network. Evernote is free, and you can log in with the same Gmail account where you use the options that Google has in its system, such as Google Keep to take notes or Google Calendar to schedule the content to publish.


2- To work as a team: inside digital marketing, the community manager is only one of the members that give life to the accounts. Depending on the agency, there may be tasks related to social media, graphic design, content, edition, among others; to organize assignments and projects as a team, there are applications such as Trello or Basecamp which have web format and mobile apps that give you the possibility to send tasks to the other members of the agency. They are ideal spaces to optimize the projects of the team.


3- For storage in the cloud: if you are looking to store the content to be used in networks, the best alternative is the one offered by Google, Google Drive. This platform provides you with several storage plans to save, organize and share digital content.


4- To design images: as we already mentioned, depending on the services that the marketing agency offers or if you’re a freelancer, the best thing you can count on for the modification and creation of images are applications not as complicated and detailed as Photoshop, but in simple and easy-to-use alternatives that also have mobile apps that allow you to modify pics at any time. Canva is the ideal app for this job. This program is characterized by offering an unlimited number of free and premium templates, fonts and images to perform personalized projects keeping the correct format for each social network.


5- To program the posts: one of the best platforms that give you the possibility to organize in detail each publication for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram with your feed and history is SocialGest. With it, you will be able to manage each of the accounts you have. Besides, SocialGuest offers the possibility of monitoring and publishing at the best time and day when your audience and followers are present on social networks.


If you plan to start working on social networks, these 5 apps should be in your toolkit. With these platforms, you will be able to fulfill all the tasks that the world of digital marketing demands.

use apps to help you
Use some apps to help you with your new digital marketing job.


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