If you think that the life of the family from the animated series The Jetsons was far from being reality, you will be overwhelmed with this new option that the French technology company Blue Frog Robotics brings you to relieve you of your domestic duties. Yes! Our beloved cleaning lady from the Jetsons, Rosie the Robot Maid, is now something we can aspire to, as we have an accessible version of her on the domestic robot called Buddy.


Buddy is the first domestic robot designed by the French technology company to connect, protect and interact with each member of the family. And it was presented at CES 2018, in Las Vegas (United States) as a personal robot that performs functions similar to those of a living personal assistant.


With a height that only exceeds one and a half meters and eyes with the style of Japanese manga or anime characters, Buddy is a low-cost task assistant that comes to the market with an initial average price of  $499, which is much cheaper than a laptop or an iPhone.

Buddy, my domestic assistant

This friendly device has, among its many services a schedule your tasks; an agenda to remind you of important events, birthdays; can take notes; answers calls; reads your calendar; reads the weather report; answers text messages or emails; and, if in your home, has intelligent devices. This domestic assistant can be scheduled so that when you arrive or leave your house it will be responsible for turning off lights, the TV, devices, set alarms, among other features.


Additionally, thanks to its built-in cameras and sensors, it has the advantage that when you feel strange movements or that don’t belong to the members of the house, Buddy will notify you, the police or customer service. According to its promotional video, the possibility of seeing and listening through its integrated cameras and microphones, allows the owners of the robot to check the status of their home from any point connected to the network. We leave here the link for you to know more about this amazing assistant.


Besides, its feature of being always connected to the network helps older people to access internet apps with help and assistance more easily, even if they haven’t mastered them.

Speaking of its internal and physical characteristics, the social robot incorporates WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity technology, speakers, integrated digital camera, thermal sensors and movement sensors, and even an interactive screen / tablet in its upper part (head), where after processing the signals from its sensors, it can show various types of different facial expressions, all with the typical characteristics of Japanese anime or manga. In addition, it has 16GB of internal storage and a range of about 10 hours thanks to the lithium-ion battery that supports it.


2018 closes with the beginning of an era where robots no longer are just cartoons or future projects, but a tangible reality that will open new paths to new experiences and benefits that you will surely want to have at home. And this friendly robot offers you endless possibilities to help structure the daily life of a modern family. It is a useful companion, user-friendly, and needs no assembly or configuration. Click this link so you can learn more about Buddy.

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