Content is the key piece in marketing: just as the website must be optimized for search engines, so the social networks’ posts are important to be found. Therefore, within marketing strategies, it’s one of the necessary elements to improve, highlight, and give a face to the brand. Whether to position a product, obtain subscribers, or attract new customers who enjoy the service offered, the content provided to the networks must respond to the needs and interests of the brand, as well as the target audience.


In any advertising, it has been an excellent strategy to appeal to the humanization of campaigns; always aiming for the feelings of its audience. In social networks, content is no exception.


Whatever the objective of the strategy is, content marketing should be developed to generate useful and interesting messages, but also to try to involve your prospects in a place where they show their feelings and can identify with your brand. You can try to make them laugh, think, reflect, bother, get angry, feel compassion; all of this depending on the image, marketing, and objectives that you want to project.


The good quality work will be the generator of your unique personality on the Internet. That image is what your brand will carry over time and what will get new customers, buyers, and followers.


Joe Pulizzi, author of the book Epic Content Marketing and founder of the Content Marketing Institute, defined it as: “A marketing technique for the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and attract the attention of a well-defined target audience, with the goal of encouraging them to be future customers.”


Developing and more. Content marketing isn’t just about what is created, is about «the entire process, including the way you distribute and promote that content.»


The importance of content marketing

Social networks and content marketing always go hand in hand, without one, it’s impossible to achieve and transmit your work efficiently. It’s, therefore, necessary not only the creation of messages, but to listen and monitor emotions, feelings, and ideas that users online enact on aspects related to what your brand or product wants to project.


That’s why, to develop good posts, is essential to be informed about the movements and news related to digital marketing; as well as updates and interactions that competitors perform online. Content marketing is fueled by the interests, trends, fashions, and other social and cultural phenomena that make life within social networks. For this reason, the analysis and content strategy must create publications that should be the initiators and catalysts to promote the account (apart from being eye-catching for their followers); whether increasing shares, comments, or likes in the publications.


The goal is to offer the audience material so that they can set their attention on a brand that promotes or helps to solve their problems with solutions its products have. With a content in social networks that really catches the attention, you ensure that users and followers don’t abandon reading your information and get to perform the action you expect in relation to marketing objectives.


Social networks are the best channel to reach users directly and connect with them. Thanks to these, we can know who we are talking to (names and surnames), their tastes and interests, and even analyze and measure everything they do.

Combining content marketing and social networks help generate online relevance, positioning, finding potential customers, and building loyalty to those who have already purchased.


Develop quality work that helps a common cause in a way that transmits the identity and values of your business, while allowing you to make a place on a daily basis in people’s lives, through social networks.


Content marketing is a crucial element for any strategy online and 786.Marketing is an agency that has dedicated itself to the production of quality messages that fits the needs of its customers.

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Content marketing is the masterpiece of digital marketing.


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