Aw! The month of love and friendship. February has come strong hitting our curious hearts towards love. Both Eros and the nymphs of love are present in this season accompanying us on our journey to love reciprocated.

Celebrating this festivity is a universal custom, couples and lovers are given a present for one more year of love or, in some cases, for the beginning of one. For this reason, to help you get the best presents to surprise your lover or suitor, 786.Marketing brings you the best of the best in gifts to give in this so special.

Presents that demarcate difference in Valentine’s Day

  1. The classics. It may sound like a cliché, but they are classics for something; and it is that floral arrangements, chocolates, jewels, and cute cards are always a charm and a success. These small gifts are an option that never disappoints. What we should highlight is the creativity that you must add to give it your touch. A bouquet of flowers, chocolates or an article of jewelry are three typical presents, but they offer a wide range of possibilities and can obviously be combined. Your ingenuity is what counts. Add your personality and offer part of you with these gifts.
  2. Getaways. If your budget is not that tight, dare to go out with that person and live a different experience outside the city. Beach, mountains, lake or river are charming places that fall in love and provide an ideal environment to spend a perfect evening alone with your partner.
  3. Experiences. Another very attractive possibility is to give her or him any other experience that suits their personality. If you are a sports lover or have an adventurous spirit you can surprise them with a parachute jump or a diving course while if you like to relax, you can give her a visit to a spa, a massage or some beauty treatments.
  4. Night outings. If you thought that chocolates and flower arrangements were classic, you tell me about appointments to a restaurant; more common impossible. But don’t worry, there are a range of options and gastronomic proposals that are out of the ordinary, worth not only for their food, but are sensory experiences that transport that dinner to another universe. If you want to get out of the ordinary, this is a different and delicious alternative. You can also go to the theater, cinema o nightclub.
  5. XXX. What celebrates Valentine’s Day? Love. While remembering the origin of this celebration, you can enjoy an erotic evening with your partner. Erotic shops have a range of gifts ranging from gels to vibrators. This gift is not only for one’s pleasure, but both enjoy.
  6. Matching perfumes. Perfumes or fragrance kits and aromatic lotions are perfect presents. DKStoreUS is a perfume sales company that is sweeping its fragrances this season and for Valentin has a promotion that you will not only buy for your lover’s gift, but you will surely buy to take some products to your home.


6 details that go from the most classic to the most extreme, You only have to decide which is best for this evening with your lover. 786.Marketing wishes you a happy and loving evening with your friends, families, and suitor. Happy Valentines!

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This is our present for you on Valentine’s.



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