When it comes to social media, every business has the opportunity to create a link with customers that can be useful for different purposes. Nowadays many networks allow you to promote your product and describe how it can add value to people’s lives -in other words, what makes it worth buying-, as well as allowing you to interact with your clients in different ways. Yet something that many people tend to ignore is that simply being on social media platforms is not enough to advertise your brand efficiently. If you truly want your business to be successful, you’re going to need to pay attention to the following key element: the analytics.

Why is it important to pay attention to the analytics in social media?

The first thing you must have in mind is that you are not the only one who’s using social media as a tool for reaching more people/potential customers to sell your product to. On the contrary, the competition is tough: if you don’t pay enough attention to the strategies that have been carried out, there’s no way to know how effective they have been. For this reason, analyzing the results of each strategy employed is crucial to determine what your next step will be. This is the reason why the analytics are so important on the digital marketing field; they’re the ones that will let you know if you’re heading the right way.

The different social media platforms provide you with useful information about how well your marketing strategy is working. You have to analyze in order to figure out what kind of data is the most relevant to accomplish your purposes. To do this, you must take a look at your established goals and then determine which information is going to be more useful for each specific occasion. Remember, the data you need today, may not be the data you’ll need tomorrow.

It’s worth to keep in mind that every now and then it may be useful to analyze other business’s social media since you can learn a thing or two from the competition.

Analysis that you can do and the advantages of each one

What’s the best social media for you?

First of all, pay attention to the social media you’re in: make sure to measure how much attention you’re getting on each site. Eventually, the analysis will show you which social networks are currently working the best for you and, therefore, in which ones you need to improve your marketing skills. Just because Facebook has billions of users, it doesn’t mean that it will work for you better than a different platform with fewer users. Your product might do better on Twitter, for example. The analysis will help you find out the reasons why this is happening and, with this information, you’ll be able to make the adjustments you need to provide a better service.

Pay attention to your followers

Your followers can give you a substantial clue about what they’re interested in: take some time to look at whom they are following, that way you can identify what they’re looking for, and once you know this, you will have a clearer idea of what you should be offering to get more potential customers. This technique works especially on Twitter, but can also be applied on Facebook, Instagram, and other websites.

Don’t forget the competition

As mentioned before, it is worth to keep an eye on the competition; after all, they are also studying their data to come out with new strategies to be on top. If you dedicate some time to evaluate their moves, your business can benefit greatly from the data you collect. By the way, keep in mind that they might also be analyzing your movements.

Compare your strategies

It is highly recommended to evaluate the results of every method you implement to promote your product, to compare the effectiveness each one has with the public, and collect this data. This way you can determine which approach works best for you, and the information gathered will allow you to advertise your product in a much more successful way.

Now that you know the importance of analytics in social media, you are ready to improve your marketing skills.

importance of analytics
Know how to use analytics and implement them to rate your marketing strategies.


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