Do you want to start your career as a professional writer? Then you should know which are the best platforms for bloggers. There might be a lot of these, but we’ll recommend you only the best, so you can start working on your page today without much problem.

Today’s world is full of bloggers, there is no need to be an expert on the field to start writing on a blog, in fact, all you need is an internet connection and a computer to begin your work. Lucky for us, many websites facilitate it, giving you all the tools to post any article of your authorship in just a few minutes; this way, you will begin to be read by Internet users around the world, in no time.

Here’s our top 3 blog platforms


A platform that belongs to Google; therefore, if you want to use it, you are going to need a Gmail account. Blogger is one of the most popular websites for blog creation, and it’s not just because is a Google property, but because it’s pretty easy to understand the functioning of the site, so a lot of people can start working on it without too many issues.

One of the strong points that Blogger has on its favor is the personalization. It’s true that you’re going to need at least some basic HTML knowledge if you want to get the most out of the customization section, but the results you’re going to get can be exactly what you need.

Blogger is very popular among the people who manage a very personal blog or write in a blog for a hobby; plus, the platform will feel very familiar since it’s interface is similar to the one we regularly see on Gmail.


Ghost proposes a tool for writers and only for them: while other CMS like WordPress go to other areas and try to fill the expectation of different types of people, Ghost is a platform that focuses all of its attention in offering the best services for blogs creations. That’s why it’s a very recommendable option for anyone who wants to start a blog. There won’t be a thousand different confusing options for doing things you’re not interested in; instead, you can focus on what you really want to do: writing.

To start using this platform, you’re going to need to install it in a server but, once you’ve done that, you will have access to multiple simple tools that will help you create any blog you like.


This website barely needs any introduction at all. Topping the list of websites creation, WordPress is, by far, the most used platform for websites creations. According to W3Techs’ surveys, more than 33.3% of the world’s websites are made with WordPress. It’s pretty clear that when it comes about web creations, WordPress is the favorite, so the question is: why is this platform so successful?

Well, it’s not so complicated to use. It’s true that it has some complicated mechanisms too, but when it comes to bloggers, we can learn how to use the basic tools for creating our page in one day. The writing part is very similar to Office’s Word and in the multiple options of the aesthetic section, you will surely find the ones that suit what you have in mind. As this was not enough, you can use WordPress on your smartphone and tablet, making your work even easier, don’t you think?

Is important to know that WordPress also allows you to virtually create any website, not only personal sites and blogs, but also: online stores, digital newspapers, pretty much any type of magazine, and a lot of other kinds of websites.

The best way to start to write is by writing!
Our top 3 of the best blogging platforms


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