As bloggers, we all know the importance of connecting with other people. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes it’s harder, but when they enjoy what we write, it’s almost inevitable to feel deeply satisfied. Best movies, best songs, best books, best plays, what do they have in common? Here’s the answer: good storytelling! The best blogs also have that point on their favor, and that’s because good storytelling is the one thing that can make any content, an interesting one.

The art of storytelling

First of all, the connection between you and your audience is the key to keep them visiting your blog every time you upload new content, but in order to make that connection strong, we should always give the best of us when it comes to telling a story. It doesn’t matter what you’re saying: if you’re doing it in an interesting way, it will have all the reader’s attention, and since that’s what we want, we better learn how to improve our skills.

We might tell something, but when we don’t do it in a catching way, this can probably make people read the blog. Unfortunately, if they don’t feel engaged, it’s very unlikely for them to return on another occasion. On the contrary, if they fall in love with the way we say things, if they feel identified with everything we’re telling, they will almost certainly come back because they will want to see more of what we have to offer, so with that said what you must do it’s pretty clear: develop your storytelling skills. That’s the way you are going to make your audience grow, you would be building a community who share common taste and everything thanks to the way you tell a story.

Are you wondering how to tell a great story? Well, here are some ideas

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that explaining an anecdote is not the same as telling a story. The anecdote has a simple structure, it’s all about communicating a specific event, it has the beginning, the middle, and the end, that’s it. Sure, it can be interesting too, but it sounds like something’s missing, right? Well, that’s because in most of the cases it is missing something important: the feelings involved.

Good stories are the ones that make us feel things. Remember the other day you laughed uncontrollably because you just read the funniest article on Twitter? How many times you couldn’t stop reading a book because you just had to know what happened to a particular character? When was the last time you couldn’t help crying because you felt incredibly identified with the lyrics of a song? You’re getting the idea, right? When something brings our feelings out, it’s always easier to remember it.

Other websites are specialized in offering us reasons to give it a deep thought to a particular topic. The popularity of these blogs resides on the writer’s ability to make us reflect on different themes by telling us a story. Have you ever read a tale so well done that even made you change your point of view about a specific matter? Well, that’s a pretty good idea of what you have to accomplish. While the empty stories are easily forgettable, the ones that got a message to share are the ones we keep in our memories. Long story short: make sure to create a story with a significant intrinsic lesson.

use storytelling in your marketing strategies
Make your public fall in love with your storytelling style.


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