We’re in 2019, the digital age, most of the people have access to a computer, and pretty much everybody is active in one online community or another. But, if for some reason you haven’t been too involved in this world, don’t worry! We’ll give you a few advice that will help you take your first steps on social media.

Why is social media so important?

In the modern world, social media occupies a big role in people’s lives due to all the advantages these websites provide. First of all, it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, social media can work for a lot of different people with different interests: whatever you’re looking for, if you search hard enough, you’ll find it. You can use it to meet people, recruit somebody for a specific task, advertise your product, find sponsors, get popularity for a personal goal, and other different purposes; plus, if you want information about a service, there’s an enormous chance that the provider has a profile on different platforms, so you can contact them directly. And these are only some of the reasons why social media is so relevant these days.

But before you jump into this world, you need to know a couple of things to make sure you’re doing everything right.

The privacy

Before you share personal information (like the institute you’re studying in, or where you live), think of what you want people to know about you. Sometimes sharing too much information can be really dangerous, so unless you’re completely sure about giving personal data, we recommend you to be discreet and provide only basic and harmless information.

Stranger danger!

Like we said before, pretty much anyone can have a social media profile these days, which means -just to clarify- that all people, regardless of what they want or the kind of person they are, they all can have an online profile (including, of course, fake accounts). So, in case a stranger wants to contact you, you should be careful: malicious people are all over social platforms.

Select a good profile pic!

First of all, you need to know that the image you choose as your profile picture will be the first thing everyone will see about you; therefore, you must think which is the photo that represents you better, that way you would be giving an excellent first impression.

Be aware of the terms and conditions

Be informed of the rules of every platform you intend to use: you don’t necessarily have to know everything, but having a basic notion of what you’re allowed to do and what you’re not, will definitely help you avoid future problems with your account.

Don’t share inappropriate content

Doesn’t matter what website we’re in, it’s inevitable to see inappropriate content now and then, and is never pleasurable to see it (not to mention, it obviously inflicts the terms and conditions of most of the social media platforms). Therefore, the last thing we want to do is become one of those persons who share that sort of content. By the way, if you report inappropriate content, you will be helping improve the service the platform provides.

Always be yourself

Some people pretend to be someone else, and this is one of the negative points of social media. You can upload a picture of a stranger, behave differently, and pretend to be someone else while you’re online, but that won’t make any good for you or for the people that think you’re someone you are not; so, regardless of who you are, what we encourage is to be genuine and authentic.

Be respectful

Last but not least, always be respectful! It’s the same as your life offline: if you don’t show respect to other people, you will probably not be respected. When it comes about the internet, there’s a lot of people who are constantly insulting each other for nonsenses, don’t be one of them, that sort of behavior will not take you anywhere good. If you want to have a solid reputation online, being respectful is a great way to start.

Keep in mind all of these suggestions, and you will surely enjoy using social media!

Social media management
If you know the rules, you can do much better on social media.


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