Dark is a German TV show distributed by Netflix, and it has gained millions of followers around the world since its premiere in 2017. But it has surprised everybody that a German-language series can engage so many into its trama. Today, we are going to explain more about the show, why its popularity, and little intel about the second season.

Dark, the German TV show

It is a science fiction thriller about the disappearing of several children in a fictional German town, but those events only bring to light the past and problems of four families that live there. Many of the characters represent fracture relationships, double lives, and tons of secrets that capture the intrigue of the viewers.

At the same time, it has different storylines going to the early ‘50s and ‘80s, because the main characters can time travel, thanks to a wormhole in the cave system under a nuclear power plant. This allows viewers to know that secrets span three generations of the main families from the town. Another important detail is that the main storyline is set in 2019, which is creepy because it was shooting in 2016 and 2017.

The creators of the series are Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, which are also part of the executive producer crew. The rest of the production team are under Wiedemann & Berg Television, and of course Netflix. The show is part of the bigger plan from the streaming company to release different proposals around the world in their original language to attract a diverse audience.

The first season contains 10 episodes of around one hour each. The production started in February 2016 and ended in March 2017, premiering on December 1, 2017. The second season was announced on the German Facebook page that same month, but the confirming by Netflix came on April of this year. It will be released on June 21, with many expecting a big thing and plot twists.

Intel from the second season

There is so much speculation about what kind of storyline the show will present on this season. The big problem appears to be the ending of the first one, and some of the comments from the creators. According to them, this season won’t be showing a near future or older version from the main characters, but they will stick with the established storylines.

However, they teased everyone that follow the show with a picture of the first page from the script, that according to the fans can present a new storyline, with the significant set in 2020, going back in time to 1954 and 1987, following the families into those eras. But being honest, many things can happen thanks to the complicated plot, and that is the main reason why this is not an easy show to follow.

Even when many TV fans said that Dark is similar to another Netflix hit, Stranger Things, this German-language series shows a mature version of a sci-fi thriller. And besides that, it has a reliable and well-presented story that catch the attention of the viewers, who want to know all the secrets from those families. And big news, it has been renewed for a third season!

Also, it proves that around the world exists many talented people that bring good stories and shows. Netflix has been smart about investing in those production teams, and have faith in the scripts. We can expect more and more content in different languages that allow us to know the world through the screen of our devices.

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