Vacations are the best time of the year. There you can enjoy or try activities that during the work days will be impossible, spend time with family and friends, and just rest from all the stress that your job has. But, sometimes, this “days off” are not that pleasant as they should due to several reasons.

Of course, our jobs are highly important. It can bring us joy, happiness, and satisfaction; but at the same time, it can be the main source of stress. However, we must work on reducing the stress level, with a good organization and communication with coworkers. That way when you are in your time off, the job won’t disturb those days.

Be organized! Before and after vacations

The best way to fully enjoy vacation days is to organize and prepare everything at work, from all the activities and talking with coworkers. Check these tips and have a great time!

Plan your schedule

When you get the exact date for your vacation, start preparing your schedule, for that it is best to begin the organization at least a month before, that way the main projects and activities will be fulfilled before the first day off. Try to take advantage of those days, work in everything that you can, create a plan with your coworkers, and be on time. Of course, use many tools like a bullet journal or digital apps to keep records and be organized.

Autoreply will be your best friend

It is good to be that important in the organization, but when you are enjoying your vacations, you can’t be contacted or disturbed every day. So prepare an autoreply in emails and voicemail; this will inform that you are not available because your vacations and who to contact to resolve the problem or inquiry. Many smartphones have the option to block certain contacts, and separate work from personal life o use it and don’t think about work in your time off. Also, it can be good to leave the autoreply in your catch up period, that way you can resolve every problem without adding new ones.

Inform the important staff, clients, and customers

To avoid problems, start informing about your upcoming free period to the most trusted and important staff, explain it to them to contact you only if it is a matter of life or death, you must enjoy and take this resting time for your own health. About clients and customers, when you create a good relationship with them, it is easy to inform about the vacations and how to be in contact with the staff, if they truly need something.

Delegation will be key

If you are the boss, it is good to start delegating jobs and activities to the staff, after all, they are there exactly for that. You can also train a second-in-command to be in charge or create small teams for every client or project; that way everything will be cover in case of an emergency or inconvenience, without disturbing you. Trust them that they will do a stellar job, and everything will fine at your return.

Set priorities

One of the best ways to face vacations without worries is to divide clients, customers or projects from the most urgent to the one that takes time. With it you can work before your days off on the priorities and when you get back on the rest of them. Also, with this plan, you can delegate better the tasks and activities for the teams and staff.

Your vacation must be sacred; this is the time when you can be with your loved ones without so many duties and obligations. Besides, it is the best time for you, take walks, go to a spa, do whatever you want that brings you joy. Work will always be there, waiting for you and if you have a great relationship with your staff, everything will be good. So what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy!

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Take care of your work even when you are on vacations!

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